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Horse 6 why can be in city of car of cold and cheerless sell like hot cakes
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Be in countrywide car city " cry fall " in sound, the agency that has a car is applying for to rise in price to manufacturer however. Although this action did not win manufacturer approval, let a reporter be surprised however. This car is Ma Zida 6.
Zhou Yi, it is person of guest of each 4S inn's least day originally, the reporter amounts to Jiangsu Jin Taitian to achieve the sale hall of inn to see a batch customer comes to choose a vehicle oneself in one steam horse however.
Zhang Jiliang of this store manager is laughing to say to the reporter: "The horse is amounted to oneself now 6 sell mad, just will spend an in part in July, we an inn sells gave 90 cars, I am giving this month again to manufacturer application send 30 cars, at the same time proposal manufacturer goes up appropriately rise in price. At the same time proposal manufacturer goes up appropriately rise in price..
Manufacturer sends the area that come to sell chief to say to the reporter: "Whole vehicle city is stagnant since this year, once was popular model of before two years appeared now slow-moving, only alone Ma Zida 6 ' go against city to fly upwards ' , make onefold model increase rate is top brand in countrywide car city first half of the year, only the whole nation will sell 1 ~ June 34635, compare the corresponding period grew 45 % last year. Can say, amount to the growth of 6 oneself in horse of market of B class car first half of the year range is the biggest. Especially joyful is Ma Zida the 6 market growth that are in Nanjing are very rapid also, only 6, will grow nearly 60 % July. Only 6, will grow nearly 60 % July..
So Ma Zida 6 be by what is those who be in sell like hot cakes in city of car of this cold and cheerless?
Reporter analysis, be not is the following kinds of reasons --
Look than coming from sexual price, ma Zida of 6 hold accuse win universal praise of gender and item oil, safety performance. Allegedly, ma Zida 6 when be being designed, stylist once had an ambition, when claiming to want to let a horse amount to the exterior design of 6 10 years not to pass oneself, vogue moves feeling glamour to want to maintain 10 years.
Be in China, this ambition already implemented an in part at least. Introduce China from 2003, arrive all the time 2008, the horse amounts to the exterior of 6 to be considered as vogue to use the delegate model of feeling all the time oneself. Present car city, spend glamorous look in disorder, all sorts of new cars come on stage in succession, but the horse amounts to the modelling of 6 oneself still by accepted for fashionable delegate, be amounted to oneself by a lot of horses of 6 embrace wholesale to call " never fall behind " , although some are exaggerative, but also showed Ma Zida the exterior design of 6 is very successful.
Besides " never fall behind " beyond modelling, ma Zida 6 have the best sexual price in B class car to compare. No matter be in hold accuse oil of gender, item, science and technology equipment, safe, comfortable wait for each respect, ma Zida 6 show scene, win universal praise. Current, the horse amounts to model of 6 whole departments to be in 200 thousand yuan oneself the following, horse of no less than amounts to 6 character oneself, "200 thousand the following, ma Zida 6 the strongest " , this word is a plain truth completely, without a bit cloak, also do not have a bit hyperbole.
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