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Pessimism diffuses door of palm of look forward to of the empty wagons on car ci
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Domestic car city the wave motion since this year still appears complicated and confusing, come from inside car business and course of study of the expert forecast presenting differentiation. On the forum of city of a car that holds during was exhibited at Chengdu car recently, chief is long-term to Chinese car city related each car look forward to incline to still is valued consistently, but right short-term walk along the judgement of situation to be widely divergent.

   Increase rate of second half of the year under 5%

Shen Yingquan of president of group of Chang'an Ford automobile thinks, whole car market did not resume 78 month come over, still continueing to go downward. But this just is belonged to short-term adjust, chinese car city looks for a long time or to good. But because drag in arrives whole banking crisis, be afraid not so fast. City of car of second half of the year will still continue this year the adjustment of the 2nd quarter condition, annual growth should be in 10% to 15% between.

East wind day produces Yang Song of market department minister to think, what 3 reasons create car city drop, the first reason is oil price problem, the 2nd reason is the problem with constrictive finance, the 3rd reason is city of the stock market, building drops brought fortune shrink effect. Forecast according to its, the growth range of second half of the year should be in this year 0 and 5% between,

To trend of city of next year car, shen Yingquan thinks, how does city of next year car evolve, will depend on at present of international banking crisis go situation, and oil price change and as corresponding as its macroscopical economy adjusting control. Gao Yunhang of assistant of general manager of Nanjing name the rank of nobility thinks, domestic car enters a family trend of this all body still does not have a change, because this car city grows,won't end. The growth of car market of China is to be in ten years at least, and this growth substantially is equal the growth at GDP, should be won't the growth under GDP, perhaps be very adjacent at least.

   Value 23 lines market

On the point of growth of prospective car city, each car business thinks consistently, 2, 3 lines market will be significant growth opportunity.

Gao Yunhang thinks, at present coastal industry transfers southeast upcountry, will be outback economy further progress and development of car consumption market bring new power. Yang Song thinks, the enterprise is so called decision-making terminal is to point to Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou not just, also included the professional inn of 23 lines city and 2 class site, each manufacturer included to be spent in the attention of this respect in the past insufficient still.

This Guangzhou cropland Sun Yu of director of center of Chengdu business affairs thinks, opposite at one class market, 23 class market although sales volume not as good as one class market, but its make in the advantage on sheer quantity car manufacturer was full of an imagination, this kind of theory makes brand of a few cars keeps away from the competition of one class market, the 23 class city that begins to choose the mainstream has position. This Guangzhou cropland is in center of afterwards Beijing business affairs was mixed 2006 after center of Shanghai business affairs, its center of the 3rd business affairs set Chengdu, because value 23 class market,also be. All sorts of evidence make clear, car look forward to is in henceforth of market of car of break out of an encirclement low confuse cold current, occupational the key that 23 class market is get victory future.
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