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Japanese home and abroad car output all will appear in August two digit drop
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The data that Japan basically will multiply special telegram 8 times to be published with car manufacturer on September 26 shows xinhua net Tokyo, august, the domestic output with 8 cars total business fell compared to the same period 11.3 % , abroad output fell 16.9 % , in pairs appears two digit drop.

Data shows, abundant field company (do not contain big hair and day wild) because North America and Europe shared 5 factories to cut production,plan, its are abroad output fell 18 % , it is two hundred and ninety-five thousand six hundred and forty-six, two digit appear to drop first since November 1997. Particularly conspicuous is, asian output of Feng Tian also fell 3.5 % , than last year in Chinese crop the corresponding period reduces 1.7 % .

Because this cropland cuts the production of the old car that discharge an amount, its are abroad output fell 2.3 % , it is two hundred and nine thousand two hundred and seventy-seven; Because cut down the SUV that is in the United States to produce a plan,day is produced, abroad output fell 6.1 % , it is one hundred and sixty-nine thousand one hundred and sixty-six; Because bell wood decreases in India and Pakistan market sales volume, abroad output fell 10.2 % , it is ninety-five thousand and thirty-three.

In business of 8 main cars, only big hair and horse amount to abroad crop to maintain growth oneself, because be sold in Indonesian market flourishing, the abroad crop of big hair soars compared to the same period 74.3 % , it is ten thousand six hundred and fifty-three; Ma Zida grew 1 % to be twenty-one thousand and sixty-six.

In the car production inside Japan, business of 7 main cars outside dividing Ma Zida all is drop.

The personage inside course of study points out, business of Japanese main car is domestic and international output falls generally considerably, report gives global car market to be below the double action of high oil price and financial crisis be in low confuse condition.

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