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When can two generation just be China to disappear with hall phenomenon
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Brand-new generation horse is amounted to oneself 6 will release Chinese title formally on September 8, and new car will continue continue to use is original " the technology cooperates " means is produced in one steam plant, and this year the bottom gets offline formally, advocate the go-cart 2.3L from cash turns 2.5L into platoon quantity. At present one steam Ma Zida is amounting to headquarters to apply for oneself to the horse: New old two horses amount to 6 collateral sales oneself, if plan is passed, ma Zida 6 will have 2, 2.3 with 3 2.5 the platoon measures a model.

This year January, one steam Ma Zida announces 20 thousand yuan to cash horse amounts to 6 whole departments to move price oneself, make the explore below the lowermost market value of 6 reachs Ma Zida 150 thousand yuan of ~16 10 thousand yuan of interval, maximum price just also touchs 200 thousand yuan. Such " defend B to attack A " value strategy is Ma Zida really 6 models sale brings real income, according to one steam ministry of Ma Zida public relations offers data to show, the horse amounts to model of 6 whole departments oneself 1~7 month sales volume shows ascendant trend all the time this year, growth of the corresponding period amounts to 40% above, the period in year still surmounts the card on the bicycle of Kaimeirui and Xin Yage to measure for a time even in Hua Dong area.

But long-term low also is not a favour, in win enough sale outstanding achievement while, one steam Ma Zida also begins to amount to this 6 brands oneself for the horse higher fixed position prepares, there is cash horse before 6 concussion high sales volume, have after brand-new replacement horse 6 will pullback brand fixed position, the transition that accepts market test in new car period, continue to let old money model produce the effect of portion of race to control.

Amount to personage introduction oneself according to one steam horse, ma Zida product introduces a plan to begin to be accelerated apparently now, guided to Chinese market early or late horse 2, horse 3, horse 5, and horse 8 and CX-7 of Crossover SUV model also be in of the near future introduce a plan inside.

[the analysis is commented on]

1, when the enterprise just rolls out replacement new car, wait for each respect reason as a result of fittings, product line, can roll out 9 models first only commonly (for instance new horse is amounted to oneself 6 roll out 2.5L to discharge volume model first, 2.0L and 2.3L model should give) late. Other fractionize market still transfers with old money model, use new old two acting models carry fractionize market and antagonism of competitor cent front courtyard in on any account, it is in order to achieve in this scale model sales volume is the largest change an end.

2, the consumptive habit of Chinese user is more complex, after new generation model appears on the market, still have partial customer loving old generation. But manufacturer the old money model to replacement hind is not unvarnished do not move the ground to continue to produce and be sold, appear on the market in the light of new fund however made corresponding adjustment and change. After if contemporary Yue moves Beijing,appearing on the market, to pull open class with new fund, old money Yi Lan's special luxurious edition stop production, the first wife model of other version also is produced no longer, produce only decrease after matching choose outfit model. Difference pulled the price that such strategy makes Yilante and Yue are moved to go to 10 thousand yuan or so greatly, the price that uses to Yue not only vacated a space, the product that also makes Yi Lan special can is down outspread, form extruding to small-sized car.
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