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Masses of 1 million targets is in sprint China sequel is lack of power
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"We first half of the year is 530 thousand, grow 23% compared to the same period. The goal that we achieve 1 million to annual is confident. " masses automobile group (China) Hu Bo of market department inspector general expresses when accepting media to interview, begin from the beginning of the year, masses of Shanghai of the joint ventures below masses China and banner, one steam - the masses revises next careful plans, set sells an end every months, the target that prepares 1 million to realize annual stage by stage.

Hu Bo still discloses, when Olympic plans to be about to finish, people group is brewing the next involves 5 years or 10 years period new strategy, still no-go now introduction is specific circumstance, but can announce a whole plan external soon.

In side of position of near future product, after afterwards Langyi, one steam - the masses will roll out Xin Baolai October. The Guangzhou vehicle that will hold in November is exhibited on, the masses will roll out an entrance new car. Shanghai masses also will roll out Si Ke to amount to acute of brilliant of brand new car. These 4 new models are in help masses impulse of second half of the year. Fanande accepts masses China presiding apparitor before this when interviewing, still express, will exhibit in Parisian car on the 6th acting golf that appear will be in at next year one steam - the masses is homebred, and Shanghai masses also will the masses brand model with new put into production.

[the analysis is commented on]

1, after the Olympic Games ends, sales volume of popular of north and south will be become examine the key of its sale success or failure. One steam masses has taken the lead in be at the beginning of September start " the victory develops gold, extremely fast action " , vacate to be being stridden below the banner, fast Teng Yubao will wait for a model to have favourable sales promotion. Message of in the bookshops says, because each district agency is stridden,vacate, fast the inventory pressure that vacates a model is enormous, the one steam that produces these two kinds of models - 2 factories had begun the masses reduction of output cuts down the member of persons employed, and inventory was brought about directly greatly too stride vacate, fast vacate the market price case that waits for a model to break down.

2, masses of analytic north and south is in China the account that acquires good achievement, basically rely on nimble to amount to, the fight of a few models such as Ao Di, Sangdana and Pasate gives prize. Actually, according to the count that the card on each district measures, the market share first half of the year still reduced the masses 0.1% .

3, the government purchases large sheet to stop, to Ao Di, stride vacate, handkerchief Sa special grade is high-grade, medium high-grade car will cause certain effect. And, model of this one scale may erupt inside a few subsequently months price tangled warfare: Kaimeirui borrows new car to depreciate, sales promotion of elegant cabinet terminal, this will further effect Pasate and stride the follow-up performance that rise (stride vacate be made fun of to call by car friend " vacate slow " ) . In fact, the Pasate of before ranking sales volume 2007 10 gets drive to also put up a notice at dropping first half of the year this year odd -- in advanced car city but one of fractionize markets with domestic growth the rapiddest rate, but the masses is this to interest does not make go up it seems that.
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