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Low also can drive good car! Masses car finance " storm " will raid
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Be about to go in September, dimension borrows the crisis to bring about investment to the bank goes broke and be caused finally " financial hurricane " sweep across American wall street, and spread to the world ceaselessly. Meanwhile, also experiencing finance of a car in Chinese car market " storm " , different is, latter is successive 5 months annulus compares those who enjoy growth to multiply infuse of the market that use a car new vitality, be progressively get warm again after a cold spell " Jin Jiuyin 10 " car city is brought exuberant opportunity of survival.

Come from September 27 this year the end of the year, one steam - the masses and firm of masses car banking will " couplet sleeves dominant " this car borrows storm: In the whole nation 69 cities begin " 399 " loan of low interest rate buys car activity. Attend this activity to divide enjoy two years period outside policy of privilege of 3.99% low interest rate, masses car finance is additional still increased 3-5 year policy of low interest rate. Head pay 30% cases, enjoy manufacturer 5 years period pay interest in the form of a deduction when selling a bill of exchange, can save a RMB for the client at most more than 20000 yuan. This the activity enclothes one steam - the majority model of inn of 4S of people throughout the country, for example fast vacate, stride Teng Hexin treasure. This the activity is the range that one steam masses and firm of masses car banking develop so far the biggest, cover the loan with the widest model to buy car privilege activity, this releases a positive signal to the market undoubtedly, of car banking firm energetically sales promotion, made certain appeal to consumer, also aroused lead of a few people to buy the desire of the car.

Have expert analysis: The market that at present finance of our country car buys in new car has 10 % only probably in portion. And this one word is in abroad is 70 % ; Will tell from portfolio, car banking firm is in 4 years of short development, with respect to the fair market share that holds firmly already, and this market share is in year after year already the per cent of two digit word leads growth. In aptitude, experience and service network respect, the commercial bank has its oneself advantage admittedly, but car banking firm also has him send get the better of a magic weapon, what its provide a service is professional the bank cannot is likened to. Car manufacturer often can be combined with financial firm, undertake a lot of conduct propaganda, permeate car consumption concept to the popular feeling that buy a car gradually go among eye, and the product promotion of the commercial bank is soft costal region all the time. In addition, on service efficiency, the inferior position of the bank is apparent also. Car of car banking firm is borrowed more convenient, quick, the service that human nature changes will be the crucial factor that future wins out. Although at present money market permeability still does not consider the car tall, but the market prospect with vast industry of banking of flank reaction car.
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