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City of the 08 cars after depreciating whether defeat chrysalis and go out
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Enter 2008, a contradictory concentration such as target of development of choose and buy of cost of manufacturing development and resource protection, car and product value, car and car sale, new car and sale of old car life and development bottleneck collide, the development of car production, sale and auto industry faces major test.

The contradiction of a variety of ceaseless collision, formed the bottleneck of development, bottleneck that sells an amount.

The data shows, 2008 output of 1-8 month car 6.548 million, grow 13.8% compared to the same period, relatively of 1-7 month add fast drop 2.2 percent, glide faster; Car sales volume 6.478 million, grow 13.9% , relatively of 1-7 month add fast 16.7% drop 2.7 percent, glide more apparent. 1-8 month produce and sale is led 98.9% , will produce in August among them drop compared to the same period 3.5% , the sale drops compared to the same period 6.3% , the rate of produce and sale August is achieved 102.2% .

8 years 1-8 month takes sales volume of the accumulative total that use a car 4.55 million, add fast 13.15% , add fast relatively of 1-7 month 15.8% drop 2.6 percent. And sales volume of accumulative total of month of commercial vehicle 1-8 1.927 million, add fast 15.86% , relatively of 1-7 month 18.8% drop 3 percent.

How to visit current car town? In the relation of purchase and sale that interweaves in contradiction, 2008 cars city whether defeat chrysalis and go out? The answer that gives out from tendency of the market looks, need not pessimistic. And, method of macroscopical adjusting control has begun to defeating the distinguish oneself in contradiction of the city that see a car.

The first, growth of comprehensive look upon glides

Also can see from afore-mentioned data, this glides is in recent years below growth of car city high speed glide. And of sales volume glide with crop glide about, of crop glide with adjust actively about. Second half of the year begins a few enterprises to begin to reduce crop, cut plan, but this plan is in fast 2007 growth the dilatometer later delimits; Of this plan is actual, protection is compressed, be in accumulative energy, labor force is waited for hair. For the trough after this glides to pass to blowout of first time of Chinese car city, it is the middling speed growth after fast growth, present helix state. But not be normal. Because make gliding ingredient,not be normal element, it is temporary.

Olympic Games element is temporary. Olympic Games success, Jin Jiuyin 10, the interest good factor such as free plate number can stimulate the appetite that buy a car, spur growth.

The stock market drops, income falls, but another part is not valued from beginning to end cast not loving can change a mind at the consumer of investment, strengthen the confidence that buy a car, turn and raise the fund that buy a car.

The industry before this fears inflationary pressure is met influential to buying a car. Dan Hong watchs adjusting control to make inflationary pressure is reduced, prices tends smooth, the sureness in consumer heart is stable, inflation disappears nearly to the influence that buys a car to bring.
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