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"All-pervasive champion " market of SUV of Han Landa Yang Wei
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The Beijing in firm end 2008 in the Olympic Games, the athlete that has a few successes got the support like the hero, it is Luo Mei of • of card of shellfish of Yang Wei, Feierpusi, bud respectively collect. Champion of a gymnastic all-round, one swims 8 gold winner, " amphibious " the champion that cross a boundary, their common characteristic, namely " all-round " . "All-pervasive champion " can get of everybody fix eyes upon, because the athlete must have top class actual strength in many projects,be, just can obtain sovereign " all-pervasive champion " special honour.
In SUV model market of China, the position of abundant cropland Han Landa is like Olympic Games competition ground to go up " all-pervasive champion " , with " whole field " the ace of SUV, came true " all-round " the part of the model is outspread.

The drill like the car charges gender and comfortable sex
Feng Tian embarked on Han Landa 3. 5 litres of double VVT, I V6 engine, provided form of a flight of stairs 5 fast hands from gear-box of type of an organic whole, make its have smooth and smooth acceleration. Drive start off of such a car, not only can have a Jovian imposing manner, still can experience fun at the same time. Because steering wheel is very light, han Landa is light and downy change direction experience the person that make drive confident. In the meantime, the Han Landa attune in automobile body trends, apply the brake, suspension the respect such as school is very exquisite, let drive very relaxed. Deserve to go up again Mai Fuxun type is pensile, provide the pretty good power that prop up for automobile body, although brake and the movement that change direction are more graceless, of automobile body shake feeling also very won't big, make take and drive unusually comfortable.
In addition, in its tall tigidity rectifies batholith of form of characters or letters to go up, rim of 19 inches of four-wheel drive system and the pensile system that optimize in the round, big diameters is perfect match, let Hanlanda have taller dynamical sex, hold charge a sex, drive by comfortable sex and cross-country ability.

Like MPV agile large space
To a SUV, interior space is not what big question, han Landa's stylist is more had the space inside the car the most sufficient use, make Hanlanda had the largest interior space in be the same as level SUV. This reflects the design in the 2nd seat to go up especially, those who realized a space is agile and changeful. Han Landa is on 7 designs foundation of the standard, one point increased in the 2nd intermediate position dismountable seat. Pack up the 2nd intermediate position, can form seat of two independent honoured guest that take rider, and among stay have a channel; The common seat of horizontal setting of types can become when putting down, accommodate 3 member that multiply easily; If undertake its assorted, still can turn eat into the stage or store substance style is used.
In addition, the backward slip before the 2nd seat is OK still moves 120mm, realized space of railroad car around join and changeful function. The 2nd seat and the 3rd seat easily fold is smooth put, innovation goes more wide store object space, the requirement of a lot of big article is carried in completely OK and contented outdoors outing and long-distance journey.
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