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Shan Xiong builds Feng Tianniu: 2008 is not the turning point of Chinese car cit
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Wei Jinqiao

Of economy low fan had begun to be delivered to automobile industry, car of Japanese abundant cropland feels the anguish that comes over to cold current deeply also. 3 big traditional markets of North America, Japan and Europe begin to appear to glide in the round, car of cropland of abundant of as a result moves the sale plan of low annual continuously since this year.

Bad is, financial crisis did not put the footstep that delay spreads to the whole world, chinese car market also begins be involved in among them, the car town that begins from April is small fan will begin farther aggravate later July, regard Feng Tian as the car at present the whole world the 4th big market, of abundant Tian Zaihua grow continuously can you interrupt? Abundant cropland car how the future that car of look upon China develops? For this, " daily of the first finance and economics " Niu Shanxiong builds the standing trustee that is in charge of Chinese general affairs with Feng Tian undertook face-to-face communication.

Just go September, the North America market with the biggest whole world of abundant cropland car is successive the 7th month gives now to slip, glide extent is achieved 32.3% breathtaking, 1 ~ the sales volume September glides achieve 10.4% .

Feng Tian market of Japan of the 2nd big market appears to glide continuously likewise, extent exceeds 5% ; And market of Europe of the 3rd big market also ended Feng Tian to grow impetus for years continuously, sales volume is 449 thousand only first half of the year, glide achieve 12.6% .

Because demand atrophy, production plans to be forced to compress, feng Tian Motor Corporation is in since this year froze new personality while employ plans, already cut down the employee of the factory inside Japan two into above. Market of the car inside Japan is small fan, the car export that increases pair of United States glides considerably, make abundant Tian Gong manages the car output inside Japan falls ceaselessly. Financial crisis of the United States has affected the development of Japanese hypostatic economy.

Abundant cropland car is in since this year China the growth that two big joint-stock companies continue to keep pretty good, cropland of one steam abundant has entered a group of people of same interest of a gleam of that takes the market that use a car, guangzhou abundant cropland is rolled out classical car Yalishi

It seems that abundant cropland car won't pass in Chinese market at least cent is anxious, but the element that inaccuracy of Chinese car market decides begins increase, abundant cropland car to this whole world the 4th big market can undertake why be plantinged adjustment will becoming question.

Below the pressure that faces overall decline in global automobile industry, hill hero builds the ox to be opposite however the bright foreground religiosity of Chinese market not doubt. In the light of high-end brand Yalishi is in Leikesasi and small-sized car the challenge that Chinese market place faces, when communicating face-to-face with the reporter Niu Shanxiong is built none evasive also.
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