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Chinese car line of business considers holding concurrently and recombine own br
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Liu is refined and courteous

"To 2015, what does Chinese automobile industry still have besides 20 million market? To 2015, how many own brand can China have to you can make world brand? " the concern that Qi Yumin of president of group of China morning automobile ever expressed him so.

Actually, this should be the problem that all car people care China.

Guo Taijun installs Zhang Xin of researcher of negotiable securities institute to think, at present Chinese car market has appeared give a kind " overmatch heals strong, weak loses more " trend. "It is especially below the case with market not quite good environment, of the company with stronger actual strength bear capability is stronger, the impact that get is less. " he tells " daily of the first finance and economics " .

Annex weighs the situation of the group

Be in every time when energy crisis erupts, automobile industry is sure to appear to wash out spring tide. Look from world car phylogeny, annex recombines to had become what automobile industry grows and the trend matures to need the road of classics. And global energy crisis is in again this year rerun, from the point of the sale data of nearly a few months, car line of business will be faced with sea to clean out sand again.

Going up century metaphase, the United States is put in the car manufacturer that actual strength of a hunderd schools on the move differs, in be as long as after the conformity of half many century, the American automobile industry nowadays remains tycoon of 3 old cars only: General, Ford and Kelaisile.

According to the statistic of association of Chinese auto industry, current, chinese car produces an enterprise to amount to many 130, and the 80% above that before home 10 old cars produce the sales volume of the enterprise to take total sales volume. Many 120 car produces the others enterprise great majority year sales volume does not cross 10 thousand.

Beijing auto industry accuses a general manager of finite liability company to bark when always accepting a reporter to interview greatly, express, the trend that Chinese car annex recombines is inevitable, "Big to international company will tell, the development that relies on connotation type only comes neither one company expand, we should take the way of internationalization, how can you draw lessons from international experience? " perhaps, the situation of American car line of business nowadays is the domain of line of business of prospective China car.

Nowadays, chinese automobile industry has rippled the microwave before giving annex to recombine spring tide to come. Afterwards " go up south collaboration " later, the sound that the annex in automobile industry recombines never discontinuous. Between east wind and Ha Fei cut ceaseless manage to return chaos, between boreal steam and mysterious object " make eyes at sb while others are not looking " , the one steam that includes the near future to come out again is intended the lofty aspirations and great ideals of annex other... hearsay rise from all directions is not an empty hole invites the wind-weakness lends wings to rumors however.
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