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Agency overdraws management pleasant is done " 2 class site "
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2008, domestic automobile industry is unusually hard. Expect long already golden week to did not bring agency too much surprise, be in " Jin Jiumeng " when declare is undone, whether to also mean " silver-colored 10 " will return no longer? The fourth quarter already made the final turn that car city sends force this year, its expression is deciding most car look forward to the outstanding achievement 2008 and the judgement to prospective market. The fourth quarter perhaps becomes the cardiac of the market, perhaps be car city inflection point begin...

Profit drama does not have mechanical resistance fortunately

Sales volume of car of market of North America car all the way sales volume of mad have diarrhoea drops 26% , germany is new in August car sales volume glides nearly 10% , and Spain is new in August car sales volume was to drop more 41.3% ... car city glides to evolving into global plague, chinese car city also cannot pay attention to one's own moral uplift without thought of others. 2006, China was added by the whole that use a car 2007 fast it is respectively 37% with 23% . After August 2007, growth momentum fall after a rise arrives 20% the following. This year 1 to May, grow 17.41% compared to the same period by the sales volume that use a car, will mix June July, sales volume grows compared to the same period respectively 15.23% with 6.79% . Enter in August, appear first by the sales volume that use a car compared to the same period the negative growth of 6.24% . Although annulus will appear than August September,two digit above grows, but still cannot keep out gliding trend, glide compared to the same period 7.95% . Take the analysis of this group of data that banquet of the couplet that use a car can publish from the whole nation, domestic car city had appeared apparent declining tendency.

And in car city stagnant big environment falls, guangzhou agency also is standing to live unprecedentedly pressure. Some agency chief tells a reporter, "What although agency lose money in business sells a car,already not was inside course of study all right new issue, but the brief action that just completes place of sales volume sprint to make commonly, resemble the length with the such time that lose money in business sells a car this year, loss is such still be first time greatly. " the manager after inn of Guangdong heart treasure makes work also tells a reporter, "Although the profit after carry out compares this store this year,grew last year apparent, but the gross profit of before the company 9 months however under last year the corresponding period " . The profit that increases after carry out is sold completely deficit place is gobbled up.

It is difficult that lose money in business sells a car renew

Create agency the mainest reason that profit drops this year is agency fails to finish sale job as scheduled. Occupy the personage inside course of study to analyse, annual the market growth that car plant gives agency the sale that make before the task always consults one year and agency annual in finished state and formulate, sell before be commonly one year 110% to 120% . Because sell the integral rate that the task increases under car city far commonly, it is normal that agency wants capital chain only, can finish as scheduled commonly. Change a word to tell, business affairs policy assured what all agency can take sum basically to return profit, the dealer that becomes betterly is OK still agency of sprint star class get more return profit above quota, so agency wait for quarter, year the content in returning benefit to regard bursa already.
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