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Leave who will become fast growth pattern Wang Sheiwei bandit?
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Come from data of association of Chinese auto industry to show, before 3 quarters are multiplied sell 5.103 million in all with the car, grow 11.4% compared to the same period. Will multiply in September among them sell 553 thousand in all with the car, annulus comparing grows 22.5% , drop compared to the same period 1.44% . Basic model by with the car (car) sell 416 thousand, annulus comparing grows 20.71% , drop compared to the same period 2.32% ; Muti_function by with the car (MPV) sells 15 thousand, annulus comparing grows 13.72% , drop compared to the same period 31.30% ; Motile multipurpose is multiplied with the car (SUV) sells 37 thousand, annulus comparing grows 5.53% , grow 7.35% compared to the same period; Across take the sale that use a car eighty-four thousand eight hundred, annulus comparing grows 45.15% , grow 7.74% compared to the same period.

September, own brand car sells one hundred thousand five hundred in all, 26.55% what occupy a car to sell gross, have rate relatively on the month promotes somewhat, foreign capital brand sells three hundred and fifteen thousand five hundred in all, take a car, 73.45% what sell gross. Its are Sino-Japanese department, heart department, beautiful department, Han department and law faculty car sell one hundred and thirty-two thousand five hundred respectively, eighty-one thousand nine hundred, forty-seven thousand eight hundred, twenty-seven thousand two hundred mix sixteen thousand one hundred, occupy a car to sell gross 31.85% , 19.69% , 11.50% , 6.54% with 3.87% . And September, before car sales volume ranks 10 brand is ordinal be: Elegant cabinet, triumphant more, nimble is amounted to, Sangdana, F3, Kaluola, Kaimeirui, F0, Xiali and QQ. With go up comparing of phase of the moon, elegant Ge Hekai is behaved more relatively outstanding, part by on month the 2nd before promoting with the 4th two, before F0 is entered first since appear on the market 10, market performance is very outstanding also. 10 afore-mentioned brands sell one hundred and twenty-six thousand seven hundred in all, 30.46% what occupy a car to sell gross.

1, will rise compared to the same period by the sales volume that use a car September, the result hair in the small area model such as the light with 5 water chestnut force. Look merely from narrow sense by the category that use a car, the sales volume of car, MPV and SUV still will give now to slip compared to the same period September, this is this year the 2nd appear to glide compared to the same period situation. "Gold 9 " no longer, "Silver-colored 10 " still but period? This also proclaims Chinese car city enters winter formally. The meeting that multiply couplet is forecasted, october taking the market that use a car is negative growth extent is reduced or of low extent growing, and will mix November will enjoying growth by the market that use a car December is without be concerned about.

2, global economy crisis lets car market be dropped by ability of consumer credit systole, consumption, the ternary concussion of exorbitant oil price, each region market is different level land appeared car market coast, china also cannot escape by sheer luck. Inside course of study anticipate generally, the car city 2009 will be more hard. The macroscopical adjusting control 2004 brings about Nanjing directly Feiyate, former south steam group and a batch dilettante of the person that build a car close down exit, the financial crisis influence this year is more far-reaching, had had company of a batch of second line making known his position " be being held out is a victory " . The industrial annex that predicts before recombines to may meet accordingly instead amble: Annex person or awaiting more inning gives more likely price. Who can be this round of onrush in is the first washed out? We observe together go experiencing.
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