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Is small numerous market to chicken ribs?
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Exhibit in the Parisian car that just ends on, masses automobile group released the 6th acting golf. Because embarked current the most advanced motivation assembly -- transmission of double separation and reunion of engine of pressure boost of TSI straight gush, DSG, and get used to chassis to stabilize system of system, automatic berth car, car to be apart from automation system, driveway to identify the high-tech such as the system automatically to configure oneself in what the ability on luxurious car sees, broke through the 6th acting golf of the borderline of model grade completely, by masses president Dr. Wen Deen praise for brightness vacate " democratization " .

According to one steam, popular puts in a plan, the 6th acting golf will introduce China at next year. In European market, the 6th acting golf shares 3 old series, trendline, Comfortline and Highline, the standard type that is equivalent to home, comfortable model with luxurious motile, price interval sixteen thousand five hundred euro, twenty-seven thousand one hundred euro, add up to a RMB about 164 thousand yuan, 270 thousand yuan.

The car of class A both sides of so tall configuration, if maintain former juice raw ingredient to introduce, price even if is lower than Europe 20% , also compare at present Europe is 11-16 of car of class A both sides 10 thousand yuan price tower above is not little, target object is afraid can be client of a few high end only. And cut down configuration, violated one steam again, the masses " car value example " business concept. The 6th acting golf reduces the destiny of small numerous model, had been destined since the day that it is born it seems that.

And all the time since, new Che Lun is small numerous model, domestic company business engineers initial stage to do his utmost to avoid in sale. Before remembering a few years, when Beijing jeep rolls out Ou Lade, to contend for the favour that gets car user, locate the market designedly by urban SUV instead muti_function car; Horse of one steam car is amounted to oneself 6 when appearing on the market, for market of officer's car of race to control, the horse amounts to shortish of dimension of motility of lay particular stress on, automobile body oneself 6, ever also emphasized those who cross a model taking comfortable sex.

But, result how? As the Ou Lade of SUV, be in muti_function below the fixed position of the car, changed itself style infirmly recreational, motility the feature that wait. The result is, hope attraction car user does not have show respect for, true urban SUV potential user however prediction of a person's luck in a given year many. Final, can end in order to retreat city only. And Ma Zida 6 appear on the market 5 years to come, although got personal user love extensively, formed very good public praise, but, itself dimension the characteristic with lesser, dye-in-the-wood motility, the demand of user of car of advanced public business affairs in be not being accorded with, although sales volume is pretty good, can not ascend from beginning to end the body is intermediate the first a group of people of same interest.
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