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New round depreciate does wet undercurrent emerge move?
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Chinese car city is the last 2008 sale fight of the quarter already start shooting. In macroscopical environment adverse circumstance falls, how do car manufacturer and agency hold last this year business chance, already became the topic that everybody cares. Whether is climax of sale of the end of the year met as scheduled and to? Does last season have agency again a few a stratagem which ensures success?

Gu Xinguang of famous car expert thinks, "Car city is insipid the problem that be not is car market itself, suffer the effect of the numerous and objective element such as city of macroscopical economy, stock market, building, inflation however. Not be to do not have money in consumer hand, do not have good investment chance however, it is consequently before the investment opportunity that has found, consumer is not willing to move to purchase a car of this kind of family expenses big " .

Impulse of hope the end of the year

Suffer the effect of succeeding node of agency sales volume, annual the end of the year always is car city privilege when range is the biggest. Agency of some mainstream brand ever made the ad that sells a car with lose money in business of 300 thousand yuan of profit last year. In manufacturer gigantic a temptation that returns profit below, agency always can strive for sales volume hammer and tongs. The agency with poorer in finished state, hope wrestle is answered return profit basically, make sure Zhang face enters the balance that sells the price; The agency with good in finished state, hope to be able to develop gold again, take more additional return profit.

Even if is to be below so difficult sale circumstances, agency of Guangzhou much home still holds careful and upbeat mood to the car city of last season.

Wide Feng Changning can exhibit Zhao Xiaodong of store general manager to express, although " Jin Jiuyin 10 " market activity is right of sales volume drive not apparent, but bigger to the market warm-up meaning of the four seasons. Chao Jun of selling manager Liu of inn of Guangzhou treasure Yue also thinks, although suffer economic environment effect, of car sales volume add fast already began slow down, but traditional Spring Festival date is earlier than in former years, certainly will drives the height that buy a car to be able to be shown in succession from the last ten-day of a month in November. At the same time he predicts, the end of the year buys Che Chao to still can be behaved hot, and sales volume and compared last year will firm in have litre.

"Although car city is apparent this year poor last year, but the end of the year buys Che Chao will as scheduled and to. Of potential of spending of successive a few months accumulate, can be in appropriate when concentration erupts, and the end of the year is this superexcellent opportunity. " Zhang Huisheng analyses general manager of group of beautiful logical sequence, "Buy Che Qian's guest truly to will never miss the opportunity that the end of the year moves! "Buy Che Qian's guest truly to will never miss the opportunity that the end of the year moves!!
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