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BMW of mechanical resistance of Ao Di of converging attack of around of A6, A1,
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Liu Xia

Even if is the Ao Di brand in get a good lead of market of fractionize of domestic luxurious car, be in low before confused car market, also dare not treat sth lightly. Face the Chinese market of rapid change, strategy of tone warping camp becomes Ao Di to consolidate the important step of market overlord position.

On September 24, hold market of car of global C class the Ao Di A6 of 37% portion

A6 " change makeup " again battle

In administrative level market, the A6L of new Ao Di after changing a money continues to consolidate the position in this market. This year 1 ~ in August, ao Di sales volume had achieved 78796, grow 19% compared to the same period. Continue to maintain pair of BMW 5 fasten

New A6L platoon measures interval to be 2.0L ~ 3.0L, besides new the 3.0 TFSI Quattro that roll out is luxurious model price 696 thousand yuan besides, other the price interval that 9 version model maintained A6L of old Ao Di basically, for three hundred and forty-eight thousand two hundred ~ six hundred and fifty thousand two hundred yuan.

To 3.2L of   of A6L of old Ao Di, 4.2L the model that discharge an amount exits the reason of product line, one steam - Tang Mai of general manager of sale career department is accepting masses Ao Di " daily of the first finance and economics " the policy that consumption tax of the as lofty as domestic attune car that discharge an amount denies when the special interview is concerned, "To us, should be a coincidence this. " Tang Mai says.

Look in Tang Mai, prospective market is right of engine accuse begging is a quantity small, but the engine with big efficiency, accordingly now the trend of research and development of global engine is the athletic performance that does not affect vehicle, and the platoon amount that reduces it. Accordingly, in Ao Di's program, future inside a paragraph of period, a6L of new Ao Di won't roll out the larger model that discharge an amount in home.

But as BMW, run quickly even day is Xin Ruihao China car brand of Leikesasi, Yingfeinidi rise abruptly, ao Di is in the number one position of market of luxurious car fractionize already so not firm. Nevertheless, although market share is contractible, but Ao Di A6 still holds foudroyant dominant position in this level. The sales volume last year is close to Ao Di A6 80 thousand, and with the BMW of level 5 departments are mixed run quickly this data is in E class 20 thousand the following. The advantage of Ao Di A6 is continueing to expand.

Market of intense with each passing day to competing domestic luxurious car, one steam - masses Ao Di sells career ministry to carry out Zhang Xiaojun of vise general manager to say frankly to the reporter, from competition this is for angle normal, active phenomenon. "As manufacturer, we special also reception everybody enters Chinese market, benign competition can bring a profit to consumer. " Zhang Xiaojun speak bluntly.

Pair of this star models are enraged to undertake energetically below Ao Di with great quantity the technology is improved, it serves to show is faced add fast put delay and the domestic car market with increasingly intense competition, a bit dare not treat sth lightly.
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