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Growth of Xue Folan brand is rapid sales volume adds 12.7 % compared to the sam
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Detailed solves Xue Folan 2010 Camaro: Security

The graph is Camaro of 2010 Xue Folan

Dispatch of our newspaper Changsha a few days ago, company of general motors China announces, as a result of Xue Folan the brand is in China the driving growth of the market, general motors is in China outstanding achievement innovates again tall, spent domestic sales volume to add up to first half of the year 2008 590126, grow 12.7% compared to the same period. The outstanding performance of Xue Folan brand is general motors whole the largest window with medium first half of the year outstanding achievement. Be in Le Feng

From Changsha car city go up in light of platoon quantity, with photograph of the corresponding period was compared last year, range of sales volume growth is close this year 100% , as a result of instalment policy carry out, drove car city consumption quickly. And of Xin Jingcheng roll out, the growth range first half of the year also is achieved this year 60% , xue Folan greeted a year of rapid development.

Intermediate car market is the market with the most intense competition, although be on portion tremendous without small-sized car market, but it is one of fractionize markets with the rapiddest growth in whole industry however. Last year March, cheng of scene of Xue Folan new generation appears on the market formally, brand-new exterior, interior trim and hold control function, wind of the person that Ling Xinjing Cheng shows those who give contemporary and intermediate car to present as leading role model, explained Xue Folan's self-confident and youthful energy, sagacious brand individual character outstandingly not only, more the admiral model that makes Xue Folan brand.

Change improvement Xue Folan Xin Jingcheng through mainland, in the exterior design, interior trim is optimized and drive by hold accuse to experience on, more the aesthetic vogue of consumer of China of press close to and drive by demand, and with form of self-confident new generation personage divine appearance engraves. Depend on the design with contemporary very move and highly competitive price, cheng of Xue Folan new condition gains the favour of administrator of personage of new generation major, new generation and new generation proprietor of an enterprise instantly, sales volume grows steadily.

Xue Folan's growth, very old rate comes from what roll out in car money market at it a series of measure. Last year, shanghai general motors go up together general motors finance is steam early or late Xue Folan is happy wind, Le Cheng

Reporter Tang Jieqiong

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