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General sales volume of 2 quarters whole world glides sale of 5% North America d
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General motors company (GM) Zhou San announces sales volume of whole world of the 2nd season to glide 5% , because American native land market steeps fall,offset its are abroad the driving accrual of the market.

And the fall of GM sales volume brings about his to be in global car " the old " in competition, lag behind at Japanese Feng Tian Motor Corporation.

The 2nd season sells GM glide reach 2.29 million, among them sale of North America market drops 20% reach 963929, and other area sale grows 10% to reach 1322765.

GM states its still insist to sell more than 9 million this year, already realized 4.54 million first half of the year, with comparing of the corresponding period dropped last year 3% . Feng Tian expresses last week, its sale amounts to 4.8 million first half of the year.

GM says its are in Asia - Pacific Area sale grows 15% to amount to 386980. And as a result of Xue Folan drive, rise in the sale of latin america, Africa and middle east 18% amount to 346085.

European sale rises 2.5% reach 589700, but Jonathan Browing of vice-president of sale of GM Europe division expresses, nation of Europe's major the Russia before growing those who be centered in hamster.

Browing says in a statement, "Our whole world sells outstanding achievement to show, we are making response quickly to the market opportunity with new whole world, and contented client is opposite energy-saving model the demand of the car, offer conspicuous design and enormous value. " he still expresses, "We whole world of the 2nd season sells outstanding achievement, got global Xue Folan and regional 5 water chestnut, general of big house drive. Got global Xue Folan and regional 5 water chestnut, general of big house drive..

whole, sale of car of GM predicting whole world will increase 2.5% , or 1.7 million. But major growth is centered in rising market, and the United States that global sales volume takes an in part, Japan and Western Europe will drop about 7% .

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