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New sounds of nature 8095 imposing manner will be like sales volume July before
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New sounds of nature 8095 imposing manner will be like sales volume July before rainbow push forward 3 strong

East wind day produces new sounds of nature

Newest data shows, come from official on June 25 sale on July 31, accumulative total of car of new generation sounds of nature sells 11017, among them the month will sell 8095 July. Sales volume of month of new generation sounds of nature is resided firmly not only intermediate the market the 3rd, was to achieve more intermediate new record of first months of sales volume.

Sales volume passes 10 thousand, "Sit 3 look 2 "

Suffer city of stock market building to adjust, manufacturer stock is increased, and the influence of high temperature weather, hasten of car city prices is weak in July, no matter total sales volume is still be annulus comparing compared to the same period, appeared of certain level glide. And those who regard car city as vane is intermediate the market is be the first to be affected more, the sales volume that has model of much money mainstream all drops substantially, the value also plunges again and again. But new sounds of nature however one branch alone beautiful, sales volume broke through 8000 that month, be next to Xin Yage and Kaimeirui, hold one's head high push forward is intermediate before the market 3 strong.

From 0 to 11 thousand, new sounds of nature used 35 days of time only, this also is the best achievement since brand of sounds of nature enters Chinese market. The personage inside course of study is commented on, win the first battle of new sounds of nature, the height that shows its brand force and product strength all won Chinese customer is approbated, now, the lunar sales volume of new sounds of nature and the 2nd difference are not worth 2000, produce as second half of the year can promotion, new sounds of nature will be in firm on the 3rd foundation, of Xiang Yajun initiate driving concussion, at the appointed time intermediate what the market will greet the last few years is the biggest change bureau.

Ducal series demands exceeds supply east wind day is produced reiterate not to increase price

According to introducing, since appearing on the market from June 16, each district of new sounds of nature specialized in inn to had recieved those who exceed client of 50 thousand intent to call in seek advice, and order broke through 15 thousand, was head and shoulders above the anticipation of manufacturer. And in ordering client, does the order that there is nearly 40% come from sounds of nature? Ducal series.

In view of new sounds of nature especially ducal order is more, bring about a lot of agency to cannot make a car on time, specific area appeared to add the symptom of car of valence carry out even. Recently, east wind day produces vise general manager to hold the post of brave to reiterate when accepting media special report, east wind day is produced still object agency adding car of valence carry out, at present factory is working overtime constituent production, already received order in order to strive for to shift a car inside 45 days.
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