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Lang Yi sales volume annulus will ascend than growing 56% in August mainstream o
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Bright ease exterior

Our newspaper reporter from Shanghai masses newest understanding arrives, new car Lang Yi

In big environment respect, suffer raw material, crude oil to rise in price the influence that waits for adverse element, domestic car city will appear in August substantially atrophic. Data shows, the overall and retail sales volume of countrywide car city will be 374 thousand in August, annulus of integral car city compares fall after a rise 2.7% , glide compared to the same period 6.1% . Dan Langyi makes the goes against force growth model with not much amount to.

Shanghai masses thinks, growth of bright ease sales volume is rapid, safety of class of surveyor's pole of car of the price interval of 10 thousand, class A deploys profit from 11.28-14.98, complete and practical truckload the advantage such as configuration.

Shanghai masses sale and market carry out manager Zhang Hailiang to express when accepting media to interview, what at present Shanghai masses pays close attention to most is how to satisfy a large number of order that come from consumer and agency as soon as possible, and when he visits each district bazaar, by agency press the fiercest when can give them enough Lang Yi namely for goods.

"We are produced now or attribute a level climbing slope, general this process needs 4 to 5 months. Our can proper consideration is passed reasonable the method that work overtime or improves productivity shortens as far as possible this process. " but he also expresses, won't good because of the market and violate the rule to change this government technological process forcibly, "What we cannot let consumer wait is too long, but also cannot violate the law, shanghai masses will be below the premise that ensures product quality, esteem produces the law adopt all sorts of significant steps to come true to offer money amply as soon as possible. " finally, zhang Hailiang expresses, langyi basically can achieve produce and sale to balance before predicting the end of the year, shanghai masses will adopt all sorts of measure to ensure bright ease price is stable during this.

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