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By with the car sales volume annulus will be compared in July fall 18% into outs
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Exterior of new sounds of nature

Newest give heat the whole nation will make the outstanding achievement of worst cake only month that records this year by data of the sales volume that use a car July. Before sales volume is ranked 15 mainstream takes the company that use a car in, sales volume of add up to will be three hundred and forteen thousand eight hundred July, glide than three hundred and seventy-nine thousand six hundred of June 18% , than last year July compared to the same period small add 2.8% . The personage inside course of study is evaluated so, the sales volume July is compared merely during spending the New Year Feburary 300 thousand small add 5% the left and right sides, it is a month with most gloomy this year sale.

Enterprise seniority respect, shanghai general, one steam masses continues a row front row, the oldest a dark horse should belong to this Guangzhou cropland, sales volume will be ranked in July the 3rd, to discharge a best achievement in recent years. In the meantime, on before the month 3 strong cropland of medium one steam abundant is squeezed to go out, and the Beijing with magical last month expression is contemporary glide substantially this month more than 50% , surprise luck

In before 15 manufacturer, only this Guangzhou cropland realizes annulus to compare of 57.19% grow substantially, the others manufacturer all appears annulus comparing glides. This Guangzhou cropland profit from Xin Yage

In before the rank 15 mainstream manufacturer, include day of cropland of this Guangzhou cropland, one steam abundant, east wind to produce, wood of bell of this cropland, Chang'an and east wind Yue amount to east wind case inferior wait for 8 enterprises to come true to grow compared to the same period, yue of wind of its middle east is amounted to case inferior with the amplitude of 148% row the first, chang'an bell wood with the amplitude of 46% row the 2nd, this Guangzhou cropland obtains 36.38% lines than amplitude together the 3rd. Masses of general, north and south all compares Shanghai the corresponding period glided somewhat last year.

From the point of fractionize market, advanced car market becomes car city in July off-season medium god-given window, the integral sales volume of before 10 large models is 59990, grow 4% than 57672 annulus comparing June, run won to multiply the general trends that use a car.

Just of replacement new sounds of nature

Xin Yage hands over the sale forms for reporting statistics with a special colourful Jing in the small town that confuse a car, sales volume of new July elegant cabinet achieves 17191 breathtaking, be far ahead 9439 of the 2nd Kaimeirui. Annulus is than amplitude 42.8% , compared to the same period amplitude exceeds 131% . Pasate gets 6 of drive, Ma Zida

If new sounds of nature wishs before push forward 3 strong

Data of newest produce and sale shows, come from official on June 25 sale on July 31, new sounds of nature sells 11017, among them the month will sell 8095 July, make thereby enter intermediate the market the 3rd, achieved intermediate new record of first months of sales volume.
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