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American car sales volume achieves 16 years new low glide compared to the same p
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Suffer violent wind of oil price of American economy exhausted kind to rise concussion, american car market is quick and atrophic. The gas price of 4 dollars makes every gallon consumer more favour is energy-saving model car, and the demand of the gain product lorry of Motor Corporation tradition and SUV drops apparently. Newest data shows, the car sales volume July is complete beauty many 1.136 million, than going up year of the corresponding period decrease 13.2% , this also was 1992 the lowermost level since.

Occupy the publishs Saturday data on American car manufacturer to show, general will glide compared to the same period in the car sales volume of American market July 26% , ford sales volume glides 15% , kelaisile sales volume glides 29% , became the fellow sufferers of be worthy of the name.

In the meantime, japanese car manufacturer rises in the total share of American market to 43% , exceeded American car 3 tycoons 42.7% of general, Ford and Kelaisile. The success of only month sale that this also is Japanese Motor Corporation exceeds the United States first 3 big.

The analysis thinks, adjust product structure, accelerate car of new energy resources to shift the competitive strategy that already made most manufacturer to the rhythm of the market at the same time, since consumer begins angle minicar, the firm also should give a shop sign according to the rule of the market.

The money bulletin that general motors issues last weekend shows, the 2nd quarter sells a car in all this year 2.29 million, sales volume of North America market drops 20% , deficit reached 15.5 billion dollar, for general loss of the quarter on hundred years history the 3rd tall. The car sales volume in American market will be less than Kelaisile in July 100 thousand, ford sales volume also dropped 15% , dan Jifu can this

Er of general of standard of credit grade orgnaization a few days ago already the United States the credit grade of manufacturer of 3 old cars falls to rubbish class. (Sun Bo)

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