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Southeast car first own research and development is compact model Yue of car V3
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Xinhua net Fuzhou on August 11 special telegram (dragon of reporter Wu Yi) southeast (Fujian) auto industry limited company of first own research and development compact model Yue of car V3 water chestnut will in August the bottom gets offline formally.

Introduce according to branch of southeast car public relations, this new model uses embarking motion 3 water chestnut of technology of the most advanced motor new-style 1. Engine of 5 litres of MIVEC, have alterable valve when system, own high speed property not only, and the car is in start, the response when quickening is swift and violent and sensitive, driving and strong, still can improve oil gas effectively to mix quality, improve combustion efficiency, give attention to two or morethings is compact model the economy that the car uses.

Southeast car establishs in November 1995, the China Motor Corporation that belongs to by group of Fujian Province auto industry and place of group of Taiwan abundant grand is joint-stock establish, 3 water chestnut cars of Japanese became a shareholder formally in April 2006. Current, tripartite holds a scale to be mixed for 50 % , 25 % respectively 25 % . (be over)

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