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Annulus of sales volume of look forward to of car of 15 mainstreams of car city
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Sales volume of Chinese car city will not rise as the rise of air temperature not only in July, resembled sitting instead " slide " same, bold and flowing. Occupy newest statistic data to show, look forward to of 15 mainstreams car annulus of sales volume summation is more adjacent than gliding in July 20% , grow to be only compared to the same period 2% . Opposite June, only occurrence annulus of Home Anbenyi compares growth, the others all appears 14 times degree differs glide.

Be worth what carry is, in car look forward to annulus comparing drops while, also appeared of most car look forward to to glide compared to the same period. As we have learned, since 2005, sales volume of month of domestic car city is to be in all the time present ascendant state compared to the same period, and of look forward to of this a few cars glided to cause not small panic in car city compared to the same period, this kind of panic gets incisively and vividly in the expression in the car city that at present the price glides considerably.

This Tian Huan comparing grows Guangzhou considerably

The 8th acting elegant cabinet
The 8th acting elegant cabinet

Sale data shows, before sales volume is ranked 15 mainstream takes the company that use a car in, sales volume of add up to will be 320 thousand about July, glide than 380 thousand of June about two into. With percussive of calamity getting snow car city photograph will be compared in Feburary, the sales volume July is added only 5% the left and right sides, that is to say July is current till, 2008 a month of sales volume lowest.

In the rank of sales volume of car look forward to July, general, one steam of Shanghai masses, Shanghai - the masses obtained champion, runner-up and Ji Jun respectively. Accumulative total of advanced 1-7 month grows compared to the same period on, one steam - the masses still is in with 16.73% amplitude on the base with larger last year cardinal number 3 person in rank the first.

Data still shows, in July the annulus of sales volume compares growth to go up, in company of production of before 15 mainstreams, only this Guangzhou cropland realized annulus to compare of 57.09% grow substantially, the others manufacturer all appears annulus comparing glides, among them Beijing is contemporary will be shed substandard ministry to the element is affected and glide substantially in July by content even more 30% , surprise luck

New sounds of nature

New sounds of nature appears on the market site plan

July, competition is most intense intermediate the market appeared eventually long-unseen new change. Data of newest produce and sale shows, new elegant cabinet

Be worth what carry is, the Pasate that sales volume will be 12002 in June

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