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Times of high speed growth is terminative sales volume annulus will compare the
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August, the Beijing Olympic Games that attract worldwide attention ends satisfactorily, the person that comes from world each district gave height the opinion in succession, our country also ascends throne of champion of Olympic Games gold with the military successes first time of 51 gold. As contrary as so fervent setting, car market is in unusual August chill, according to the statistic of association of Chinese auto industry, with go up comparing of phase of the moon, car produce and sale presents certain downtrend as before, with go up photograph of year of the corresponding period than, monthly produce and sale appears to drop compared to the same period first since 2006.

Produce and sale double drop

It is OK that graph of sales volume of the monthly that use a car is multiplied to go up in what can offer by banquet of the couplet that use a car see, taking the market that use a car, since 2005, sales volume will be the first time in each month appears to drop compared to the same period August.

August, the yield of manufacturer also appears to glide substantially, the car manufacturer that the reason is much can put high temperature holiday, because this is bigger to the integral crop influence August.

The data that auto industry association provides shows, the car will produce six hundred and fifteen thousand five hundred August, annulus comparing drops 15.91% , drop compared to the same period 3.50% ; Sell 629 thousand, annulus comparing drops 5.53% , drop compared to the same period 6.34% . In the car in main breed, by the produce and sale that use a car four hundred and thirty-four thousand eight hundred mix four hundred and fifty-one thousand three hundred, annulus comparing drops 19.83% with 7.56% , drop compared to the same period 3.04% with 6.24% ; Commercial vehicle produce and sale mixes one hundred and seventy-seven thousand seven hundred one hundred and eighty thousand seven hundred times, annulus drops than crop 4.70% , sales volume grows 0.04% , drop compared to the same period 4.58% with 6.59% .

This group of numbers are shocking undoubtedly, to the personage inside course of study, the cool performance August already was in anticipation, although annual August is off-season, but the influencing factor this year is very much, only even numbers of area of the attention move that brings like the anticipation of high oil price, Olympic Games, Beijing is restricted to be waited a moment all right, cause will appear this year to glide compared to the same period first August.

By banquet of the couplet that use a car meeting secretary-general Rao Da expresses: "10 million sale target cannot have come true this year, car produce and sale does not have substaintial meaning 10 million times, the value of only hype. The value of only hype..

To the sales volume September, manufacturer and agency expressed very big hope, on traditional sense " Jin Jiuyin 10 " when coming, manufacturer and agency hope to be able to be in this moment impulse, reduce annual to sell the pressure of the target.
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