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Zinger of 3 water chestnut leads pragmatical consumption tide
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As what be about to produce in southeast car volume muti_function model, zinger of 3 water chestnut since exposure, cause attention of the height inside course of study, this is from 3 water chestnut blue a twenty-five-stringed plucked instrument of Ge La, 3 water chestnut is mixed after edition of motion of blue a twenty-five-stringed plucked instrument of 3 water chestnut, the product of set of first blame car that southeast car introduces. According to southeast car in-house personage introduces, zinger of 3 water chestnut advocate make brand-new market, its are distinctive " MICS-RV " fixed position makes Zinger establish opposite at SUV, MPV and small customer the viewpoint of value of extraordinary.
Zinger of 3 water chestnut is a real significance those who go up is muti_function car, hold a business concurrently to use carry, recreational journey and even spend cross-country utility gently, the space of the athletic outward appearance that has SUV at the same time, MPV and seat are changeful of gender and car delicate inside outfit, fixed position 28 ~ medium and small businesses of 45 years old advocate, aim to be made for this part crowd brand-new " MICS " muti_function car, will " MICS " life concept undertakes after all.
"MICS " the pursuit that is pair of lifestyle, connect overmuch function (Multi-purpose) product fixed position, MPV capacious space is experienced (Interior Roominess&Riding Comfort) , automobile body of safety of sex of SUV Gao Gang and hold charge a sex (Compact Body Size) and the style with fine car (Sophisticated Styling) perfect confluence, creation is brand-new product, banner on functional diversity the other product at be the same as class, very attentive joint medium and small businesses advocate, all-around the place using a car that satisfies them needs.
The high speed development of Chinese economy brought up the medium and small businesses with huge amount, form the medium and small businesses that has independent culture feature and consumptive concept advocate group. As a result of this part crowd individual life starts already one by one, since they are formed oneself, with respect to a variety of challenges that answer economic structural adjustment ceaselessly to bring, come from this year especially RMB exchange rate appreciates, the sources of energy rises in price and the more complex international home that the place of macroscopical economy setting such as constrictive policy forms the money manages an environment. Their deal with concrete matters relating to work is rational, to cost control is having super- of common sensitive; Go all out in work hard, not ordinary experience is harvested in longing to be born in bromide.
Pass pair of medium and small businesses advocate the investigation of the group, today the circumstance that loading capacity of great majority commercial vehicle is a problem no longer falls, medium and small businesses advocate to the car muti_function demand appears more outstanding, the exterior needs to have enough industry and urban design feeling, the content when interior space should satisfy the job already spreads a demand, when also wanting to satisfy a family to go out to lie fallow or travel take a demand.
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