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Ⅱ acting horse amounts to the final illusion of 6 oneself
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"2.5L discharges an amount, 200 thousand above, name farsighted ala, namely the meaning that wisdom flies " , this is the entire content that one steam horse amounts to Shenzhen news briefing oneself. Without the price, did not sell a plan, configure a manual without detailed product even.
Announced the Chinese tag of new car merely, one steam Ma Zida has alleged 6 life will manage II acting horse of future two products lifecycle. That is meant, from 2008 the bottom begins, this car will be sold continuously 2018, this is how a car, make the energy of life end one steam Ma Zida very? Is new theory still new stunt?
In continuance after the development concept of science and technology of Ma Zida ZOOM-ZOOM and function, the horse that the horse amounts to will new generation oneself 6 according to a new development the concept undertakes modelling, be called by its namely developmental ZOOM-ZOOM concept, added the idea of convenience, safety and environmental protection. "The 2nd acting Mazda6 will include to turn to the function such as control, air conditioning, acoustics to be centered on steering wheel, make Ma Zida product becomes convenience sex and human nature to turn design all fine and easily the car of begin " , if British car tastes the evaluation of the numerous and Euramerican professional media such as the net. This shows Ma Zida finished horse of will new generation 6 fashion into " a car that stops traffic accident " , and one steam Ma Zida passes character of pair of new car performance to consider and the analysis that at present group of consumption of Chinese car city changes, become evolution of this one concept unexpectedly " new car veteran " sale concept.
Is this an original concept or a stunt of hype? Yu Hongjiang, one steam horse amounted to sale company vise general manager to find the basis of his sale concept from inside an off-the-peg data unexpectedly oneself. Yu Hongjiang depends on classification of data of the card on the main car that occupies open the Ministry of Public Security to express, at present in in advanced car purchaser, 79% for individual user, only 21% for unit user, and the policy that cuts down officer's car to purchase as the government organization that begins to carry out this year, unit user will still decrease, accordingly, use new pattern to undertake the market differentiate imperative. Differentiate at what Hong Jiang thinks home is traditional mode cent is used for public business affairs and illicit, but this kind differentiates when mode already was passed.
Meanwhile, in integration analysis elegant cabinet, Kaimeirui, Pasate domain even after the sale data of its oneself, at Hong Jiang discovery buys behavior to look from consumer, the car buys first in advanced car consumer scale in 2007 is achieved 62% . Be based on this, the market differentiates mode should with driving experience is a standard, the use demand of mature novice and veteran, undertake market fractionize according to the new pattern of novice and veteran.
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