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Farsighted ala alleges publicly become country with 93# oil exclusive
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On October 7, case of oil price of Beijing finished product go up again tone, cause broad car advocate anxious. With day, one steam horse amounts to technologist Zhang Chunpeng to say oneself, through long-term and strict test, the high-tech MZR2.5L motor that farsighted ala uses the 2nd acting Mazda6 that is about to appear on the market, its 100 kilometers are integrated oily bad news is 8.7L only, and engine tastes applicability to oil the widest extensive, its standard uses oily date to be 93, and rather than 97. Accordingly, future farsighted ala car advocate enjoying insurgent dynamic at the same time, can reduce use cost effectively more. Farsighted ala also became home to allege publicly exclusively in using 93 petrolic advanced car.
From at present domestic spending market looks, in majority advanced car although mark deserves to be 93 benzine, but the oily quality that considers country measures an issue, the manufacturer suggests car abet uses 97 gas normally, in order to prevent loss engine.
But one steam horse is amounted to oneself do exactly the opposite however, allege publicly farsighted ala is complete quite can applicable 93 benzine, does its reason where? According to Introduction Zhang Chunpeng, the development target of farsighted ala engine is motivation driving, economy is practical, with class best. Be based on this target, farsighted ala used a large number of advanced techniques, try check and improvement through relapsing, the motivation in becoming home finally to be the same as class car is the most driving, integrated the engine with the widest adaptability of lowest of oily bad news, fuel. Can say, engine is one of the largest window of farsighted ala.
He still says, according to normal use mileage, with current oil price computation, use 97 oil and 93 oil, differ 1 year thousands of yuan. If the low oily cost plus farsighted ala, the economy of farsighted ala engine is more considerable.
Below the use environment of current high oil price, car advocate taller and taller to fuel socioeconomic requirement, economy of your person exclamatory can make farsighted ala engine broad consumer benefits a lot.
As we have learned, a lot of gas station of domestic cannot supply 97 gas, car advocate the oil that must buy small oily number is tasted, this meeting causes engine to explode shake or influence engine service life. Zhang Chunpeng says, when farsighted ala engine is being developed, this bit more mature, pass those who use scientific compression ratio and high accuracy to explode shake controls a system, can avoid effectively to explode shake, prolong engine service life, great the dependability that raised engine. In the meantime, also went to the lavatory car advocate cheer in each district, solved a car advocate trouble back at home.
Those who be worth commend is, farsighted ala engine is solving fuel socioeconomic at the same time, have outstanding dynamical show more. It is perfect held to Ma Zida all along motive force is excellent, hold control good technical gene.
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