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Antique beetle leaves Mexico
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As a result of vintage beetle

For a time, mexican street is to go up everywhere the masses beetle taxi that 30 time produce the century, these models are to name in those days fitly for " KdF-Wagen " of first generation beetle derive version, but this name was not used how long, disappear together with subsequently war, later Beetle this nickname is used extensively by the public gradually.

Because the model is too old, these lovely beetle cars polluted the air environment of Mexican city badly, so, mexican city government insists to want to evict these old cars street. Current, mexican city has 80 thousand right-and-left taxis is these old money beetle, the Laoche that the government hopes to will use fixed number of year more than 10 years before 2012 keeps clear of entirely. Discard as useless if the taxi driver is OK actively old beetle car, with respect to the allowance that can get agreement is 1500 dollars.

Nevertheless, still many citizens think, travel is in the beetle model of ave lane, it is the color of alternate with of lovely lacquer of green white car, make a view of Mexican city already, if all disappears very regrettablly.

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