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Sales volume glides the whole world spreads reduction of output of car look forw
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Recently, day produces Motor Corporation to express, because demand is fatigued and weak, day produces a factory that is located in Spain to will cut down the member of persons employed 1680 people. Before this, glide to answer high oil price and sales volume, day is produced had cut down the member of persons employed in North America area 1200 people. Suffer fuel cost to rise, loan difficulty increases the influence that waits for an element, day will produce the sales volume in Spain to drop September 32 % , dropped in the sales volume of North America 37 % . Day is produced will day produced the crop in Spain to adjust 2009 it is 110 thousand, reduced 83 thousand than 2007.

Car of cropland of abundant of global car celebrity escapes hard also adversity, september, abundant cropland car glided in the sales volume of North America market 32.3 % , glided in the sales volume of European market 10 % , the sales volume that waits for rising market in India and Russia also appeared of different level glide, the amplitude that is in Russia among them has glided from the 70 % of the beginning of the year 20 % are the following. Although abundant cropland car says, gain anticipated 2008 and global sale target is constant, but according to message of Xinhua News Agency, abundant cropland car this money year profit may drop 40 % . To answer the crisis, arrive from the beginning of the year now, abundant cropland car has cut down the member of persons employed in Japanese factory two into above, will reduce goal of global sales volume May this year reach 9.5 million. Recently, guangzhou abundant cropland announces again, reduce by produce per year with the car can become the left and right sides about.

Current, as a result of the concussion of financial crisis, include this cropland, 3 water chestnut inside Japanese car look forward to is faced with sales volume to glide, sell this cropland car with good all the time the look of things, sales volume also will glide September 24 % .

The place of 3 old car tycoons of American more not allow hopeful. September, get credit constrictive reach element of the demote below consumer confidence to affect, american car sales volume is only 965 thousand, glide compared to the same period 27 % , achieve in Feburary 1993 the lowermost level since the portion. Among them, ford car the sales volume September glided 35 % . Say according to wall street daily, to alleviate the crisis, ford plans to sell place holds Japanese horse to amount to the equity of 33 % oneself, and wholy-owned brands of all car of Swedish Wo Erwo. Company of Ford car Europe shows, ford will be in Europe reduction of output the car product of 15 % . Since 2005, ford car already accumulative total cuts down the member of persons employed 39 % , and disclose according to in-house personage, the worker amount of company of Ford car North America still exceeds effective demand, continue very likely in the future to cut down the member of persons employed 4200 people.
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