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President of rich age group: 100 million euro invests in Beijing this year
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On October 13, rich age group holds a press conference in Beijing, phenanthrene embellish Bach shows president of rich age group, rich world is in this year China sale hopeful achieves 2.3 billion euro (add up to) of 25 billion yuan of RMBs about, obtain the amplitude of 30% the 4th year continuously. "China did not get this banking crisis is too much influence, I am certain Chinese economy will still grow strong continuously. " rigorous and objective phenanthrene embellish Bach has so immediate comment inaccessibly.

100 million euro invests in Beijing this year

Write down: What does rich world still have to invest a plan in China?

Phenanthrene: Company of the Li Shile below Bo Shiqi started the wind- driven turbine besides first Germany in Beijing recently plant of large gear wheel produces base. Be as high as the project of 100 million euro through this investment, will support China better but the development of second birth the sources of energy.

In addition, 3 years rich world will increase future 200 million euro is in without Xi Weifu project, add diesel oil in all the supply of rail system. Last year, we sold 100 thousand diesel oil in China in all rail system, to 2010 this number will increase 1.4 million. Of course, we still will produce ABS and ESP system in Suzhou enlarge.

The Shanghai new headquarters that rich world invested 120 million euro 2010 will build and investment is used, this will regard China as headquarters. At the appointed time, rich world is in China handle affairs the orgnaization will move new headquarters.

Mixed motivation to just gain ground likely 2020

Write down: Regard the whole world as enterprise of the biggest component, how to judge to each course of new energy resources?

Phenanthrene: To the choice of line of new energy resources, should grading will talk. I feel, arrive now 2020 is the first phase, main task still decreases carbon dioxide and extract high-energy effect, improve combustion system; The 2nd phase was 2020 hind, main development mixes motivation; Again later just be to enter electric car period.

At present rich world already made some of preparation for this, at present we already built the joint ventures with SamSung, produce lithium battery, began to offer batteries product 2012. I fear somebody sends electric car too quickly very much now to the market, if the technology is immature,bring about have an accident, will destroy the future of electric car.

Yang Kairan of our newspaper reporter

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