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Steam grinds in to C - NCAP regulation undertakes adjustment
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On October 8, research center of Chinese car technology held 2008 year the news news briefing that collision of the 3rd batch of models checks. With differ before, phase begins in the conference, c-NCAP did not announce the collision result that everybody cares above all, introduced with a large number of length however " C-NCAP management is regular (2009 edition) " ask for opinion draft. As we have learned, this is C-NCAP since moving 2006 oneself, undertake edit and be updatinged to evaluating regulation version for the first time.

Your person couplet remembers unusual move some time ago media disturbance. To this, director of Chinese car research center holds Zhao Hang of director of C-NCAP management center concurrently to emphasize particularly, editing this is C-NCAP to oneself perfect and develop, be without a relation with media disturbance. Introduce according to him, to edit regular, the preparation that research center of Chinese car technology had undertaken one year heterogeneous closes works. Before this, c-NCAP management center once will hold the seminar that 10 enterprises attend two second know exactly about sth in September at will be being mixed this year in April early or late, collect and listen to industry to reach the opinion of assessment technique to will increase henceforth and adjusting test project, revise formed ask for opinion draft at present.

Compare with 2006 edition regulation, new regulation is in trial of original collision safety performance and grading regulation, undertook complement and be adjustmented to the front and flank collision project, include to increase back row 3 years old in impact test of 100 % front children dummy and children seat are placed, back row dummy increases to place in flank impact test, add cent to installing children seat ISOFIX to secure the car of device to give, but total cent and astral class divide regulation keeps changeless. In addition, specific fuel consumption measures experiment evaluation to also become revised edition to consider increasing item originally.

Current, new regulation has appeared on the official website of C-NCAP, collect the opinion of each respect. "Be in collect an opinion extensively and integrated after each respect element undertakes feasibility is evaluated, we will be affirmatory " C-NCAP management is regular (2009 edition) " formal content reachs executive plan, be released formally on 2009 beforehand and finish moving preparation. " Zhao Hang says. The to impact test and evaluation content adjustment in new regulation plan matures already basically, experiment condition also has been had, booked 2010 to be carried out formally, the experiment of safety performance of 2009 year collision and evaluation still press 2006 edition regulation to undertake.

To the opinion that car specific fuel consumption measures, new regulation puts forward, after the specific fuel consumption that undertakes integrated operating mode issues national standard measures an experiment, to every model the data of the urban operating mode of 3 experiments car and environs operating mode takes average respectively, as this model quantity of 100 kilometers specific fuel consumption is announced, and the assessment technique that set is worth according to reference of calculated fuel consumption of its per cent and computational give typical examples. Steam grinds in Wu Wei of standing vice director expresses C-NCAP management center, because influence car is practical the element of oil bad news is very complex, this evaluation whether reach when to bring into C-NCAP formally, pass even more large-scale opinion is collected reach sufficient technical communication.
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