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One steam rolls out Tianjin 09 power annals
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Report from our correspondent (reporter Cheng Yuan) on October 11 morning, of having sth new " Tianjin games of car of steam power series " in Beijing conciliatory kick off, 09 power annals put in a ceremony to also be held at the same time. Be in the following in 3 days, chief commander of train of hundreds when 5 cart friend meets Beijing ferry area power department attends drive DIY of car of school steeplechase, cruel, heaven and earth big move moves, 7 big analogy such as photography of games of champion of oil of 100 meters of PK, as stable as a mountain, item, car go all out.

Power annals is 09 to be in power annals is luxurious model on the foundation, design a concept according to contemporary car, right truckload the tall sex price that after undertaking 20 amounting to the technology upgrades and be improved, rolls out compares a product. One steam sells Tianjin Dangren of assistant of company general manager says, power annals 09 the largest window are the AMT hand that assembled newest generation of company of Italian horse Rayleigh from gear-box of an organic whole, the gold platoon that this is transmission of first embarking AMT of domestic measures a model, be " the concept building a car of master degree and banner technology " be united in wedlock. Through cooperating with the nicety of high-powered engine, the hand operation from unifinication, need not oil leaves cooperate, more convenient drive, economy saves oil, "The enjoyment of two the price of a car, cars " .

Tianjin one steam power annals from 2006 both sides appears on the market, since 3 compartment appeared on the market 2007, sales volume is climbed successively litre. Power annals undertakes 09 times to interior trim and seat fabrics not only new design and change, also undertook abundance to configuration, rise with change, system of guard against theft of chip of gasbag of double safety of type of high capacity electron, engine, back a car radar, and the key of intelligent remote control that has lock function 2 times practical deploy have everything that one expects to find, increased general even in the automatic lock that high-grade car does not have closes functional door lock and dynamoelectric window, did not shut car pane to rise a function automatically to wait, safe, environmental protection and economy can get very big improvement and promotion, comfortable sex also increases interior trim and seat considerably.

As we have learned, roll out power annals this 09 include both sides elite model, 3 compartment elite with 3 compartment admiral model in all 3, price goes to sixty-eight thousand eight hundred yuan from fifty-six thousand eight hundred yuan. Dang Ren expresses, power annals appears on the market 09 times, those who show the product of one steam goes after Tianjin is the promotion of Wu of kimono of character, value not just, it is ceaseless breakthrough ego more, in season take the place of and change, satisfy the indefatigable pursuit that market diversity needs, depend on powerful product force and substantial price, power annals is sure 09 times to be able to develop one's skill to full on economy car market.
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