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Policy support recombines conformity of the Huaihe River of strange luck river t
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Market big environment is bad, the how things stand that own brand expands makes a person pay close attention to particularly. Below such big setting, month of strange luck A3 9 26 days high-key appear on the market, can't help letting a person be its be breathless with anxiety or tension. With the car of river the Huaihe River that saving, when also be born not to meet it seems that, good product of sigh with regret letting a person did not encounter superior the year's harvest. Economic depression, own brand what course to follow, with why be being planted does means overshoot difficulty? Whether does annex recombine to you can be carried again schedule?

It is early two years ago, inside course of study be about to report integratedly with respect to concerned Yujirui, Jiang Huai. Before long, both sides stands to deny. This year in June, 8 8 second plenary meeting appoint provincial Party committee of Anhui of the Communist Party of China secretary-general of members of standing committee of provincial Party committee of Anhui of Zhan Xia Laiwei, provincial Party committee. Message, there is senior expert to point out inside course of study, can be expected soon of conformity of the Huaihe River of strange luck, river.

Disclose according to hep personage, after Zhan Xia Lai takes office as secretary-general of Anhui provincial Party committee, take the lead instantly consider preparing to construct auto industry of the Anhui province heads a group. Although the specific work environment henceforth returns this one group unknown, but in the indissoluble reason that leaves from Zhan Xia Lai and car knot, people guesses not hard, strengthen construction of Anhui auto industry, make Anhui save change by force to industry from agricultural big province, the guiding ideology that is job of this panel tomorrow. Strange luck, Jiang Huai is to lie together the two old cars inside the Anhui province " tycoon " , if this panel can suggest two strong together, meet those who quicken this one target come true at an early date undoubtedly. Senior personage also discloses to the reporter inside a quite as difficult as friendship of Zhan Xia Lai job: "Although Zhan Xia will surprise in conformity now,the Huaihe River of luck, river still does not have any movements on this thing, but be in in the near future inside, the possibility of this its happening is very large. The possibility of this its happening is very large..

   - policy support recombines jointly

Auto industry the development process of hundred years is the history that a ceaseless conformity recombines actually. From the blossom everywhere of first car company, to nowadays the formation of structure of monopoly of tycoon of a few old cars, every time changes all without exception is to be in explaining this to develop a tendency. Data shows, last year, before world car output is ranked 10 country completed the whole world nearly 8 become car output, and the Motor Corporation with the independent economy on the world has fallen from 52 of 1964 to present be less than 10 (do not include Chinese) . Interesting is, the car of Chinese inland is truckload manufacturer home has a hunderd schools however, in the near future inside, domestic car line of business will lift one wave pole to have the integrated wave of Chinese characteristic, had become on to the government, next coming the consensus with car tacit company.
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