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Before entrance car will add 45.2% SUV to occupy an entrance to measure half abo
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Come from the newest statistic data of customs total office to show, this year 1~8 month, our country imports a car in all (contain chassis) about 282 thousand, accumulative total amount is 10.59 billion dollar about. Among them, entrance of 1~8 month accumulative total is truckload the amount is compared the corresponding period grew 45.2% last year, accumulative total amount grows 62.1% compared to the same period.

"8 months imported the expression of car market to look once upon a time, growth still is the keyword that describes this one market. " limited company of trade of Chinese entrance car sums up about the expert: "This year first quarter, occurrence high speed of entrance car market rises situation; 2 quarters, growth momentum puts delay somewhat; 7, appear two months 8 again rising situation. Predicting future 3 months, entrance car market still can maintain growth momentum, but add fast meeting to put delay. But add fast meeting to put delay..

   Left and right sides of two old policy imports car city

This year first quarter, our country imports the growth range of car market to exceed the anticipation of people greatly, grow compared to the same period achieve 72% . Among them, growth of sale of brand of main and luxurious car is rapid, average amplitude is achieved 82% . Ding Hongxiang of general manager of limited company of trade of Chinese entrance car is being summed up when our country imports car market characteristic first quarter, used a word, be called " 3 tall one firm " , namely: Car market increases the growth of prep above GDP, the growth prep above that imports car market is homebred the growth of car market, the increases prep above car growth of SUV; Firm syncopation of entrance car price rises.

According to analysis of the expert inside course of study, import the reason that car amount occurrence high speed grows first quarter, besides element of normal market supply and demand, VIN is piled up (car identifying code) put on record the influence of policy nots allow small inspect. An expert says to the reporter, look from demand angle, structure of consumption of domestic car market upgrades apparent, the user consumes idea and the change that consume kind, make demand of entrance car market is shown rise sharply posture. From supply angle to look, on the base that entrance car market rose quickly last year, entrance car business values our country generally the entrance car market this year, order goods the volume rises considerably. In the meantime, because VIN piles up measure of government of test and verify to will be carried out formally on March 1, before a lot of entrance car business will be driven on March 1, assault declares at customs, have car hoard for speculation.

"After VIN piles up measure of government of test and verify to carry out, car of 2 quarters entrance is added fast put delay apparently, will be in with the amplitude June in May 50% the following. But below the stimulation that appreciates in consumptive demand growth and RMB, entrance car market still is maintaining relatively exuberant growth momentum. The data of statistic of customs total office shows, our country is truckload first half of the year entrance amount reachs 7.81 billion dollar, grow 71% compared to the same period, growth range is exceeded greatly anticipate. " international information seeks advice from Xin Huaxin (Beijing) Lang Xuegong of expert of limited company sale says to the reporter.
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