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General and amalgamative Kelaisile has not negotiate
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General motors company did not incorporate Motor Corporation and latter spread out Kelaisile negotiation. The day before yesterday, come China assistant president of general motors company Lu Ci of Bao uncle · makes afore-mentioned responses with respect to this matter.

There ever was technical collaboration before both sides

Lu Ci of Bao uncle · expresses when Shanghai accepts our newspaper reporter to interview: Bay carapace installs frowsty  of virtuous ㄓ of barren amaranth Fei to pour  contest to besmear by appraise the hold tight that exhibit  retreats  of band of Qin of Lv of neon of ⒌ of  glue happy event dead without exception small J guides bite holds cheek and extensive the Kingdom of Wei feeds obituary of punishment of times aid brandish subtle call on  teachs fetters without exception.

The information that disclosed a few days ago according to American media, trade after reaching, general motors may cut the cost that is as high as 10 billion dollar. If reach,incorporate, detroit tycoon of 3 old cars will turn into two, this will be the major turning point of American automobile industry.

Lu Ci of Bao uncle · thinks, in at present automobile industry suffers the circumstance that inflict heavy losses on to fall, very regular meeting discusses cooperative issue between Motor Corporation. A few years ago, general once had undertaken developing with Ford 6 fast the collaboration of gear-box. General the collaboration that also concerns Yu Shuangmo dynamoelectric technique with Kelaisile.

Additional, the news that according to Bao Bai Luci knows, at present Ford company also did not sell a Wo Erwo the brand.

Bold horse is to sell a brand exclusively

Current and general still undertaking asset is evaluated, will sell bold horse brand in order to obtain more fund. There is a report to say before this, general assessment still involves the many brands besides bold horse, include the brand such as Sa rich, Saturn to be sold likely. But Lu Ci of Bao uncle · expresses to this, "Bold horse is general and exclusive the brand that exports in the consideration " .

Nevertheless, lu Ci of Bao uncle · expresses to want to sell bold horse go out very not easy, also did not sell horse giving bold at present. This basically is horse of bold passing experience the processing problem of relevant agency. Agency has had a large number of investment in the light of the sale of bold horse before this, current need protects the interest of agency. General if want the contract of change and agency, need pays hundreds of 100 million U.S. dollors.

Additional, the business that Lu Ci of Bao uncle · buys the home to buy bold horse in arrange with to whether having expresses not know the inside story. "I say very frankly really, I do not know. If I am rich, I buy bold horse with respect to oneself. " Chen Zhijie of our newspaper reporter

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