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Appear on the market 2 weeks of order exceed 500 Jin Beihai lion the 6th acting
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Report from our correspondent (chairman correspondent Liu Guodong) on October 16, content of China morning car sheds a company car of passenger of 3 rivers gold sells formal and northerly capital limited company sends Jin Beihai

Since on 90 time introduce the century since technology of car of Japanese abundant cropland, golden cup sea lion depends on his fine quality, make the market is had rate is successive reside the whole nation 12 years the first, become Chinese small customer the first brand. In nearly 20 years of time, golden cup sea lion gets used to market demand to undertake upgrading ceaselessly, already developed the 6th generation to now. Golden cup sea lion undertook be optimizinged in the round on the design of the 6th generation in automobile body structure, car of follow abundant cropland designs a tradition, the structure undertakes bodywork special aggrandizement, become country the first can be satisfied 40% slant buy collision and front are completely wide touching wait for a country the light-duty passenger car of newest and safe code. At the same time it undertook be optimizinged in the round to structure of automobile body batholith, if unifinication bears the weight of type rear, shape without welding line whole bridge of axle housing car, applied brand-new get used to technology of type rear overhang oneself, improved the performance of the product greatly. In addition, product heighten 45mm, increased accommodate goods to lade the space that reachs passenger head, luxurious back row dome light offers downy, natural nightly lighting, wide back row scuttle, let natural and person, car, perfect harmony. In the meantime, the product deployed the dynamical assembly of much breed, be like brand-new the engine of 4G20D4/4G22D4 of new brilliance morning that carry, be what design by German FEV is brand-new type.

The 6th generation opens golden cup sea lion countrywide beginning realized light-duty car car to change, blended in a car to change design element in great quantities in interior trim, comfortable, sweet, agile grayish elegant interior trim, dial of appearance of high-definition clear number, car turns 3 soft qualitative steering wheel, the shift gears handle that cooperates aviation mode, whole the design color that does car controlling a station to change, satisfied consumer to go after the demand of comfortable, modern life greatly.

"Drive sea lion the 6th generation, have a kind of feeling that drives a car. " refer ordered sea lion of 174 gold cup the reason of the 6th generation, car of passenger of 3 rivers gold sells company controller to be commented on so. With this what experience together still have car of river of Shanghai bright and beautiful to serve limited company. Xu Weijie of assistant of this company general manager expresses: "This car no matter appearance or motivation, hold accuse, more the fixed position that accords with our company, and these cars that we order also got a client approbate. And these cars that we order also got a client approbate..
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