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Xin Baolai appears on the market next week start valence predicts 10.80-10.98 10
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Passed 6 months endless after awaiting, one steam masses model of first own research and development -- Xin Baolai is in certainly eventually will appear on the market formally next week on October 20. According to one steam masses relevant controller discloses, xin Baolai rises from this week with everyday 100 crop begins a quantity to produce. Industry public figure guesses, the Xin Baolai of appetite of this condole sufficient consumer starts valence will be in 108 thousand yuan of ~ one hundred and nine thousand eight hundred yuan between.

Promotion of exterior interior trim is the biggest
Popular of photograph comparing Shanghai comes from engine of 1.6 litres of of Polo 16 valve that, although 1.6 litres of Xin Baolai choose 8 valve engine, its are in have a bit on high-power most defective, but its are the biggest the characteristic is a structure expenses of simple, maintenance torque of low, low speed is outstanding, and these just are a family what need with car consumer.
On the exterior, new treasure comes in the inheritance on the exterior element of Germany of former juice raw ingredient, used China " dance lion " design style, be in masses brand car applied the design concept with German newest masses in feature of original and strong sedate figure. Dimensional respect, fast vacate appear on the market, make treasure will vacate " the car of the person that drive " throne, it also from in those days athletic boy goes to become domestic litter star personally. This, pass the lengthen of wheelbase, the back row space that lets Xin Baolai is denounced no longer.

Open to booking valence 100 thousand ~ 140 thousand yuan
The price issue that cares most to consumer, chief discloses related one steam masses, because Xin Baolai is homebred,change rate is extremely high, and it is main item in order to pound sales volume, its price will be lower than Lang Yi.

Considering the Xin Baolai that first appearing on the market introductory class model is on configuration Lang Yi of summary prep above, and " treasure comes " the brand is in of home approbate degree taller than Lang Yi also, its price of configuration of 1.6 litres of lowest starts probably to be controlled at 108 thousand yuan, and highest configuration model predicts to be controlled in 148 thousand yuan.

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