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Exhibition of car of international of the 3rd 2008 Nanchang opens now (graph)
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Sina car dispatch today (on October 17) exhibition of car of international of the 3rd 2008 Nanchang will exhibit central grand opening in Nanchang international in the morning. 本届车展是由南昌市人民政府、中国汽车工程学会、中国汽车工业国际合作总公司联合主办. Regard mid area car as the promising young person, nanchang had become the new force of mid automobile industry. Current Nanchang car exhibits before experience two harships ablution, already made Nanchang car is exhibited from blueness acerbity move toward maturity gradually, no matter still show scale from the amount that exhibit a car, forward stride one stride.

Opening celebration
Opening celebration

Current car is exhibited enable 3 in all indoor exhibit a house, 1 outdoor exhibit a house, exhibit an area to exceed 25000 square metre. Gather together the whole nation in all more than 400 car manufacturer and ginseng of car component manufacturer are exhibited, will exhibit truckload many 200, among them the model amounts to many 100, new car more than 30. The car is exhibited ginseng exhibit have a strong lineup, gather together brand of domestic and international numerous car, numerous and ferial equipment suffers car of the car of a person of extraordinary powers that fix eyes upon, name to will be in elegant demeanour of spot old show. Run quickly, masses of double dragon of Kaidilake, Kelaisile, Dodge, Korea, Shanghai, si Ke is amounted to, on steam Rong Wei, fasten gram, Xue Folan, one steam to gallop, one steam Ma Zida, day of Ford of big hair of one steam masses, one steam, Chang'an, east wind is produced, east wind Yue is amounted to case inferior, east wind indicates, east wind is this cropland of this cropland, Guangzhou, wide steam Feng Tian, Beijing 3 of contemporary, Ma Zida

Between car exhibition period, mobile organizing committee still sleeves couplet of manufacturer of as old as each car the car culture sumptuous dinner that makes variety of excessive of a time, car confusing friend can enjoy this to the top of one's bent endless, the profusion project of climax happen frequently: Car of international of the 3rd 2008 Nanchang exhibits large test-drive meeting, " the car regale in my eye " photography & calls for paper match of photography of contest, 2008 cities image, Jiang Ling is abroad citizen of oily challenge of Ford FOCUS section, 2008 Nanchang most love a model to choose, the car spells graph contest, , come back with fruitful results " leave a message a covered corridor or walk, " search a car to exhibit the most ablaze person " site report, " science uses a car, civilization drives " citizen civilization drives behavior autograph activity...

The car exhibits the spot
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