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Be economical not only Fei Ben seeing oil vacates use cost to precede with class
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International oil price soares steep fall, tall house of domestic oil price does not fall, gens of car yielding love heaves a sigh unceasingly. Turn the head looks, because domestic PPI index is climbed ceaselessly,rise, the price of relevant product after carry out also is hitting a series of car to roll upgrade to break up completely, more let a car advocate peace potential customer can'ts help plainting: "It is easy to buy a car, it is difficult to raise a car! It is difficult to raise a car!!

Above all, fuel nature is the defray large family of car use phase, want to be above this be economical, rely on to buy car phase to choose a good car completely! Motivation is dye-in-the-wood, oily the love car with low cost, can allow a car naturally advocate enjoying drive fun while need not worry too too for pouch. 2.0L platoon measures a model to be able to say is balance motivation sex and fuel economy optimal choice, in this the platoon measures Duan Li, gallop B70 undoubted a Triton of the minnows person, and do not say its in oil of division of 2007 China car hand of 2.0L of gathering of heroes changes group of other games in, with oil of breathtaking 100 kilometers 3.98L bad news carries off laurel, it is daily travel general under 100 kilometers the achievement of 8 litres of oily bad news, also be the model that be the same as class hard look forward to reachs.

Eliminate fuel, car is maintained and upkeep cost also has vast proportion in use cost. Nowadays raw material price follows to take tall background as crude price, tall also house does not issue nature of price of car spare parts. Feel not apparent inside 9 years when just bought new car, but went up when car course of development after 5 digit, car advocate be about to begin to be big foot a bill of exalted maintenance and upkeep cost. Because this is in at the beginning in the process that buy a car, to service and spare parts price make an on-the-spot investigation must not ignore. In this respect, one steam gallops B70 has the advantage that cannot compare likewise, bring tremendous charm for consumer.

One steam gallopped on September 1, 2008 bomb of a heavy pound was given off in domain of limousine after service -- borrow " one steam gallops ' golden key ' chamberlain type serves 2008 services red-letter day " during kicking off, announce permanent reduce price of machine parts or tools kept in reserve of its spare parts, this action one, get not only broad car advocate peace accurate car advocate welcome, more arose inside course of study tremendous shake. Highest fall of more than 50% price of spare parts machine parts or tools kept in reserve, will give undoubtedly gallop the compression that cost uses to bring the oldest rate after the user makes work.

A lot of moment, the enterprise is made the same score to assure integral profit water, depreciating act against one's will come true in order to reduce level of Wu of product quality kimono for cost. But the market performance that gallops through analysing one steam, our discovery need not worry about this problem. Apparently look, although gallop,car one side is truckload price is changeless, it is to reduce price of spare parts machine parts or tools kept in reserve considerably at the same time, profit is compressed it seems that inevitable. But actually, since 2008, one steam gallops the brand figure that uses ceaseless promotion, good user public praise and excellent product quality are made gallop the sales volume of the car promotes steadily, achieve every months of sale 4 1000 to the 5 volume level of 1000, keep smooth move. Of sales volume promote considerably made up for bicycle profit to drop, assure the promotion of integral profit, let one steam gallop move price of low spare parts considerably, the oldest rate lets benefit user become a possibility, also will bring environment of more benign market for company sale. With one action of it may be said is much, win-win of enterprise, user!
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