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Female and in high-grade car advocate opposite " attaching " 4S inn
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Lin Yan of reporter of report from our correspondent " 4S inn fittings and service Fei Taigui, 78 become vehicles advocate can be in guarantee 4S store leaves after expiring. " guarantee after expiring, how many car is there advocate can you choose to leave 4S store?

"Probably 2 become scale, can be in guarantee the prediction of a person's luck in a given year after expiring. " the service manager of inn of a few 4S all expresses Hangzhou so. According to reporter understanding, as 4S inn all sorts of appreciation serve roll out, the client of prediction of a person's luck in a given year is decreasing, in the meantime, woman car advocate peace car price is in the car of 150 thousand yuan of above advocate opposite " attaching " 4S inn.

   Guarantee after expiring, 2 into the car advocate the option leaves

"New car vehicle advocate it is almost do in our inn 100 percent maintain. " speak of to guarantee period inside maintain, almost managers of all 4S inn service are such answer.

Now, major new car is to buy a car for the first time, place of the knowledge that use a car knows very little, this also makes a lot of new cars advocate the choice is done in 4S inn maintain and maintain, in an attempt to is at ease. The aggravate that competes as car city especially, car manufacturer rolls out all sorts of appreciation services in succession, give a few times for instance maintain freely or lengthen guarantee period etc, still do not forget to give service of free change garments according to the season when change garments according to the season, make 4S inn right car advocate appeal is increased ceaselessly.

But 4S inn service and fittings price house do not fall high, also make all the time car advocate bad-mouth, many cars advocate because this is in,guarantee the option after expiring leaves. "Proportion is not high, about also 2 into the left and right sides, after redo maintains a few times, leave. " rice home does not overcome Wu manager Qian Ming to express, as the extension of the time that use a car, departure scale also increases somewhat with respect to corresponding ground, but overall did not exceed 5 to become.

   Two kinds of crowds are right 4S inn relatively " attaching "

In interview, the reporter discovers an interesting phenomenon: Woman car advocate peace car price the car of 150 thousand yuan of above advocate, opposite " attaching " 4S inn.

Having of many yuan of 20 intermediate car be like a gentleman, car age exceeds 4 years old already, but he maintains every time final choice 4S inn, "The feline dirt of respect of vehicle maintenance and repair is more now, roadside inn is more darkling, the price is cheap, but in case change false and inferior fittings, the loss is bigger instead. " the service manager of inn of a few 4S tells a reporter, car price is in the car of 150 thousand yuan of above advocate, cherish to loving a car to be compared relatively, accordingly, in the long-term client of 4S inn, luxurious car and intermediate car vehicle advocate scale often passes economy car apparently high.
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