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BMW of consolidate step by step of service go ahead of the rest is advanced acti
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BMW group is the car that the whole world produces high-grade product exclusively only and motorcycle production business, also be the manufacturer with high-grade brand the most successful strategy applies on the world. Since entering Chinese market, BMW devotes oneself to to bring the BMW product with excellent performance for the client not only, offer BMW " drive purely fun " , and perfect after service, raise client satisfaction to spend develop the strategy for a long time as another. Long-term since, BMW pushs a series of fruitful after service plans actively in service territory, let each Chinese clients enjoy them to expect hard and the high-grade service that should get.

The graph is BMW (China) vice president of department of after service of car trade limited company Mr Huan

According to the characteristic of Chinese market and consumer, BMW invested the effort that comparative in the respect of soft, hardware of after service. Of the level of Wu of progressively and perfect kimono that serves content rose to also promote BMW to be in China ceaselessly of the market grow quickly continuously.

   Develop each district dealer, extend the whole nation to serve a network

Up to by 2007, BMW retains in Chinese car the quantity had exceeded 160 thousand. Increase the client demand with diversification increasingly for better satisfaction, BMW develops dealer of each district accredit quickly, extend countrywide sale and service network. Develop in economy not only east, the south 2, 3 class city establishs new site, and the new area that developed past have not to build service facilities, for instance Urumqi is mixed Huhhot, form in the whole nation concentrated model meshy enclothe. So far, BMW has exceeded 90 in countrywide agency, to the end of 2008, this one word will achieve 120. Retain with current whole nation the quantity, the service site amount that every 1000 cars have on average already excel is main competitor.

BMW company follows very rigid standard with aptitude test to the choice of all agency. In hardware establishment respect, from dimensions of the optional location of inn, building and integral style, to the service area and maintenance are versed in setting and BMW are special the equipment that diagnose and maintains a tool, have the high level standard with uniform whole world; More important is, the BMW accredit agency inside countrywide limits must the origanization construction of comply with standardization and administrative technological process, use the informatization government of countrywide couplet net, according to BMW uniform requirement undertakes former plant store and be supplied of component. In these respects, BMW company is assuming the obligation of guidance and support already, performing the duty of supervisor again at the same time, with rigorous assessment the system ensures the service standard of BMW international level is able to carry out, let a client can obtain likewise satisfactory high level service to which distribute inn no matter.
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