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City of car of China of car finance lag because " disaster " get happiness
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When financial crisis evolves into economic crisis, car line of business always is pounded above all, and, all through the ages is such. Worsen ceaselessly as financial crisis, hypostatic economy begins to suffer harships ablution, the nation such as Euramerican, Russia ever was urged greatly before this the car banking business that car consumption market grows quickly, becoming to be about to detonate however at the moment " bomb " , its might enough sweep anything away is Euramerican the mainland, make magnate of confirmed line of business of old brand car faint and counteractive, magnate of American car line of business is general what the company is brewing company and Kelaisile is amalgamative recombining is namely best paradigmatic.

Actually, each sale edge tool is a Shuang Renjian, the key still sees used rate and time node. Because China has fallen fall in car finance side, when 2006, domestic individual buys the slow-witted bad Zhang that the car borrows money to exceed 100 billion yuan, appear relatively careful to the development of this respect so. But, yan of a loss may turn out to be a gain knows to be not blessing, the opposite lag that develops because of Chinese car finance namely however just gave Chinese car line of business to take shelter from the wind the opportunity of the head. And Russia because study Euramerican car finance,develop pattern too deep, became that Chi Yu that is reached by disaster of crisis of Euramerican car banking this, the high speed growth that lasts 3 years will stop abruptly July, more many brands occurrence sale will enjoy growth September.

We still cannot conclude car finance can give global car line of business to bring how old harm at the moment, but the crisis is being approached step by step, be mode of development of time change auto industry.

Suffer financial credit to tighten epitome to ring, the front of traditional car market such as North America, Russia faces the awkward situation of exceeding atrophy, and start business allows the credit of Chinese car finance with late, not suitable development however Chinese car market because " disaster " get happiness, had avoided temporarily the bow wave of crisis of this car banking, but this appears and cannot extend domestic car dealer people the brows of close lock. Because be in sales volume is low below confused condition, constrictive financial policy is same tighten car dealer people of loan " hop-pocket mouth " . Because of " disaster " get happiness

Although credit is constrictive,the car market that waits to be main measure with loan consumption to the United States sinks to be hit again, but begin as a result of business of credit of domestic car finance later and not successful, the negative effect instead that consequently credit crisis brings purchasing power of domestic car dealer to drop is very finite.

Because Chinese consumer consumes a habit close to stubborn lump-sum payment, the enthusiasm that individual car loan consumes not as car market successive " blowout " and warm up, what come true through consumer credit means is truckload sale proportion is very small, according to Xin Huaxin company all computation 2007 is occupied, domestic consumer loan buys car scale to be 6.6 % ~ only 7 % . And the country such as the Euramerican day that grows opposite maturity in auto industry, of 80 % of 60 % ~ truckload the sale is the means implementation that carries consumer credit.
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