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Economic storm grows in intensity Chinese car group breaks through a tight encir
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Economic storm grows in intensity Chinese car group breaks through a tight encirclement in tandem
Sale data shows, the sales volume September announces Motor Corporation of some of place of North America city glide; The car market sales volume with this the largest whole world glides on average 26.6% , the most spectacular record that achieved 50 years to come. Motor Corporation of Ford car, Feng Tian and this cropland car is announced respectively sales volume will drop September 35% , 32% with 24% . And general motors falls through undertaking employee privilege sales promotion sell its a control in 16% . Of Kelaisile fall for 33% , the day that still carries growth last month produces car and Daimule to run quickly September sales volume also pelter 37% with 8.4% , the sales volume of contemporary car, masses car and BMW car all also exceeds 10% . With abroad austere sale situation photograph is compared, chinese car city this year also slow down the impetus of fast growth, although be in traditional " Jin Jiuyin 10 " sale of before was being changed 3 months is small lunar shadow, sale data had improvement, but external environment and to the domestic economy, environment that use a car be anxious to let potential customer flinch.

Force pulls crisis government skill

Although be in finance and landed respect, the government begins proceed adjustment. Be in ten hind, major interest good news comes out ceaselessly. These shareholders in sufferring to be in and land agent brought filar silk " warm meaning " . However automobile industry is couldn't get however caress apparently, go up again from Beijing tone oil price, begin in the light of Olympic Games hind and more ages ago Beijing traffic protocol at the same time " be restricted to send plate " strategy is among test and verify.

These coming from " capital " the message lets people undoubtedly more was worried. Beijing car city's current condition, be by domestic analogy all the time industry " vane " . No matter be,go up from the quantity, from go up character or go up from the trend, it represented the way of city of whole China car.

Lease of life is sought in predicament

International market of make a comprehensive view, chinese car market has the advantage that other country does not have, relatively stable banking environment lets China do not have hurry-scurry before financial crisis, at the same time this Chinese huge market, the enterprise that lives here is exported external depend on not strong.

In the meantime, economy is relatively steady grow, space of car future development is large. More important is, most consumer purchases a car with own reserves, is not to rely on an installment plan to buy a car. Most those who make a person glad is, chinese enterprise had had complete manufacturing industry productivity. They begin to realize the change of future of car line of business, early begin the side such as own research and development, new energy resources.
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