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Selective second-hand car: try to choose Cherokee 7250 series
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Cherokee is now on the market to buy friends a lot, but Cherokee has been discontinued, if we buy it, only to buy second-hand car market, gave the following brief you on some of the Cherokee to buy second-hand notes. Nokia Reminded to select a 7250 series We choose second-hand car in two types, try to select the 7250 series, the model simply remove the four-wheel drive versions for the quality not very different with the 2021 series. Try not to select the 6420 series models. This is the BJC-made specifically for low end models, configuration and quality both are worse. However, in the 6420 series of 2500, and 2021 series of quality and configuration there is no difference, assuming that if you select 2500 and later do not want to change the two four-wheel drive is recommended to choose 6420EC models equipped with the 4G64 engine than the 498 series engine advanced and provincial oil. 6420EC-wheel drive can not be modified. Cherokee Raiders the ages The following are the six-cylinder producing different times in recent years cut features. Cut in six-cylinder 1993 -1996 available, manual and automatic transmission are, but the computer is open-loop setting, there is no oxygen sensor. The original period pieces cut more, including window glass, can be said to a group cut the best overall performance. General tire 235 14 city fuel consumption, suburban 11, automatic and manual differential one, easily 180 kilometers per hour, air conditioning, vibration is very small. During this period, the interior part of the cut is the original manufacturer. 1997 -1998 in the six-cylinder cut, parts of domestic products has been widely used, the assembly quality are not very different, and are mainly glass and interior, so little effect on the overall quality of the car, and a shorter period. The year 1998 -1999 the top of Cherokee six-cylinder high-production, flat cut of the first two years, on behalf of products 2021E6L, A6L, high roof and more new products for the military was purchasing, so the assembly of the best quality steel sheets Mexican imports of four, moderate hardness, coupled with a two open years, can be used to scrap. 5 cm of these vehicles increased the factory, coupled with 235 tires and have a sense of belonging to the kind of convergence of the shape. In order to meet the emissions in Beijing, these cars are with oxygen sensor interface, trip computer to Motorola. Cherokee 2000 -2002 year is a year of change but the decline, which cut production during the six small, unstable quality, small orders are produced. However, excellent chassis or engine parts, mainly concentrated in the body joints above problems. 2003 -2004 the top of Cherokee is a high cut-off in two years, during which launched 2021A6A, using the same color surrounded by large, the engine also has two types of common points ignition, and the other is the same and large cut Electronic ignition. Do not think that is an advantage to buy the latter, in fact, the latter of the engine piston, connecting rod, etc. are Wuhu production, quality in general, or the proposed purchase of sub-ignition products.
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