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Carefully used car fraud trap
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Slightly familiar with the vehicle's friends should understand that such a low price, do not buy these brands used car, so do not be fooled by these low-priced. These are not true. Words with the phrase is: " Flicker, then flicker! "Therefore, consumers face in the pious, do not believe these cheap SMS message or the Web site. Not only to see through their tricks but also to the depth of understanding. Once again, end of year end of the year, Xiao Bian began Compilation of summary, the majority of Internet users who give reminder, carefully used car fraud traps. Now about the deception of ways, described in various forms: Category I: less people and more bullying! Liar car will personally look at cars, then after reading the first remittance transfer. This is the most common method. This is the most fatal. Once the buyers have the slightest depression, the forced call hands immediately, and People in the car and exchange money after, can not give you a transfer, but a price hike to be high-priced dealers, forcing you to pull out money to buy again, the saying goes, Zhanxiaopianyi suffer a great deal. The second category: the deposit can not be set. After the telephone contact, liars, people who intended to look at cars will place car, and time will be at the weekend, so after watching the car. Crooks will not account for the weekend had been an excuse to enter into contracts in the car. And people pay thousands of dollars to buy cars good deposit formalities. The same trick in a lot of the weekend will receive a deposit, so after the expiry of a weekend, and immediately disappear, so buyers have no place to look. The third category: procedures have a big problem. Money is money, tens of thousands of luxury cars, or really have. But that is smuggled cars or stealing cars, there is no related procedures and documents. Liar car dealers will not enter into any contract with the car, all paid their dues in a Hand delivery of the vehicle. Car is not cheap, but no license or driving in this, but do not have insurance or something. Can be said to have spent tens of thousands of dollars to buy a big trouble. The fourth category: the vehicle in question. As the saying goes: "No good goods cheaper, better goods are not cheap!" Although not for everyone, but in the used car market, the right decision. A car had been hit smashes, spent a lot of money, after regular, certainly not good to buy, Only cheap shot. The other is this is not a normal car luxury cars, but for business or scrapped vehicles. Spend tens of thousands of dollars is to buy a luxury car, but only to open more than 1 year, in the end it is worthwhile to weigh yourself only The. Category V: swindling all use. Grasp this type is a small cheap car buyers seek the psychological, so no matter what car you're looking for, he always says, you've got the money go there mainly to see the car finished, forced to get started looting, as and-run . Such a liar to the robber has been developed, so the most dangerous. Therefore, as consumers can grasp the point, No matter how cheap I do not believe on the line. What is SMS marketing, web promotion, telephone Do not believe the consumer as long as the car thing: "cheap is not cheap Do not want to cheap! "No matter what kind of trick liar, cheap used cars in that, first of all do not use their own impulses, to keep cool heads. Check used car to go to the regular site or used car purchase Buy a used car, used car market to the formal, view vehicle related procedures, seeing is believing as well. Finally, the editors of the first car to remind users network, a time when year-end end of the year do not be fooled by these scams.
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