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Buy used car "visceral" been Diaobao
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Good fortune teller to buy second-hand car and found that car, "visceral" been Diaobao the. Recently, the Consumers Association of Nanjing consumer complaints about the increase in second-hand cars, hot automobile market of the year, Consumer Association reminds consumers to pay more attention to car dealers to buy a car tricky. Mr Chan for the Santana 3000 model car, a taxi company out of Nanjing down, has opened a 5-year, in accordance with regulations there are 3-year period. He is an urgent need car at home, use their experience saw the car, feeling good, paid 1.3 yuan car models. And so sent the car repair shop maintenance, found that car "gut" is not original, more surprising is that three-way catalytic device was cut out. After the mediation associations, market dealers agreed to replace catalytic converters, corresponding loss of compensation. CASE reminder, saying: "No good goods cheaper, better goods are not cheap!" Although not for everyone, but in the used car market, absolutely right. A car had been hit smashes, spent a lot of money after repairs, certainly harder to sell, only cheap shot. The other is this is not a normal car luxury cars, but for business or scrapped vehicles. Spend tens of thousands of dollars is to buy a luxury car, but only to open more than 1 year, in the end it is worthwhile to fend for themselves weigh a. Also be careful to buy problem cars, because sometimes you may see the price of tens of thousands of luxury cars. Beware, however, these vehicles may be smuggled cars or stealing cars, there is no related procedures and documents. Liar car dealers will not enter into any contract with the car, vehicle delivery are all paid their dues. Car is not cheap, but no license or driving in this, but do not have insurance or something. Can be said to have spent tens of thousands of dollars to buy a big trouble.
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