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No loss of economic and practical to sell four high preservation rate recommend
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Limited economic strength of their driving skills or twelve to have no confidence, and yet all itching to want to have a own car when buying a used car is really a good idea. Select a hedge against inflation and their favorite car is even more difficult for consumers, recommended the following four priority card used car used cars with high preservation rate for your choice. 1, Polo POLO hatchback version of the new generation in appearance more like a small golf, with the public style of the latest generation of the family car, similar to the diamond cut headlights, and a single spoke grille, tail shape uses a lot of straight lines, Founder of the taillights and headlights sharp echoes. 1.6L engine with 5-speed manual or 6-speed automatic transmission, power is very smooth, for the frame by creating an atmosphere of ease. 2, Fit Fit launched cited pursuit of individual groups to meet the needs of the design in the shape of the great changes made, and added a more stylish, personalized color. Fit car because of its compact, stylish, by many young consumers like. Steering wheel and clutch are light, encountered traffic jams do not feel tired when driving, low fuel consumption, space is big enough, power is also not bad with the displacement model. 3, Jetta "Youngest-like" one of the Jetta, the new design of the new Jetta with a large number of levels of body lines, simple shapes without too many bright spots, exterior and interior are Volkswagen Style. Body size, the length and breadth were 4640 * 1780 * 1450mm, wheelbase 2650mm. In the U.S., the Jetta in Europe for several years have become the best-selling model in the depot; now in Europe, the Volkswagen Jetta will positioned as a stress athletic, elegant and compact cars. Coupled with reliable quality and perfect service system, the new Jetta will again create a marketing miracle. 4, Le Chi Le Chi Soft but not exaggerated, but not avant-garde fashion, the new design of the mini car Spark the new concept was an excellent interpretation. Le Chi shape small size, the body clean lines and crisp, golden, light green and other bright colors of the five cities selected for the interpretation of a new life more beautiful scenery. Spark ignited the fire is a displacement of 0.8 liters of M-TEC line 3-cylinder engine, maximum power 37.5 kilowatts / 6,000 rpm / min and maximum torque 68.6 Nm / 4600 r / min. Residents as a daily means of transport, is very appropriate.
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