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Steam faces harbor base go into operation on become at the beginning of own bran
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19 days, always invest 2.9 billion yuan, dimensions amounts to 1.2 million square metre, , earlier program is produced can 150 thousand / year Inc. of Shanghai automobile group (next weighing " on steam " ) own brand faces harbor base formal put into production, steam borrows this on preliminary completed the manufacturing overall arrangement that establishs by product platform compose.

Current, first phase of the base that face harbor covers an area of a face to accumulate six hundred and seventy-eight thousand five hundred square metre, with Rong Wei 550

The base that face harbor is located in Shanghai southeast border, estuarine of ground section chief and Hangzhou bay are handed in collect place, have marine, railroad, highway, inland river, airport " 5 dragon gather together " distinctive area advantage. Chen Zhixin says, the choice faces harbor to build base, it is the advantage that sheds a respect considering content, 2 it is good to the international market marchs to hit when the condition is mature in the future foundation. He still introduces, the construction of the base that face harbor reflected seed profit to change in the round, change adroitly, flexible change, modular with high quality this " 4 change one tall " advanced design concept, achieved international in the respect such as production management, energy-saving environmental protection advanced level.

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