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Feiyate imports city of model volley Chengdu 3 times
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Current Chengdu car is exhibited on, of Feiyate exhibit a stage to go up, of 3 new cars appear make a lot of audiences a little accident -- as if already with Feiyatepin the people with long-unseen card, the Yapingning that sees hundred years car brand of this Italy again amorous feelings.

This, what the car brings Feiyate Chengdu audience is 3 new released entrance model -- Bo Yue (Bravo) , get elegant (Linea) and friend are much (Grande Punto) , this also is from the Feiyate end this year August the car releases these 3 entrances formally in Shenzhen exhibit in domestic car first after the model go up to appear formally.

Regard Feiyate as the car brand-new generation model, bo Yue (Bravo) , get elegant (Linea) and friend are much (Grande Punto) can say is Feiyate car the last few years innovates in car design, technology and the one second concentration of newest achievement shows workmanship side. Bo Yue (Bravo) is at present the both sides of European sell like hot cakes lifts back car, the Bo Yue that home appears on the market (Bravo) cent is vigor edition and athletic edition two kinds of design, the price is in 20.38-21.9 10 thousand yuan; Get elegant (Linea) is intermediate car of 3 compartment family, also be Feiyate at the same time the model of a strategy that the car is aimed at research and development of partial foreign market, the cent that appears on the market this is vigor edition and elite edition two kinds of design, the price is in 17.1-18.6 10 thousand yuan; Friend is much (Grande Punto) is a red-blooded both sides car, by famous stylist Qiao Zhiya collect He Feiya designs a center to be developed jointly especially and bend force is made, appear on the market this have vigor edition and fashionable edition two kinds of design, the price is in 14.88-16.66 10 thousand yuan.

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