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Make up for traditional market low confuse east wind day to produce go against c
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Wu Xianan

In the market low below confused condition, east wind day is produced still action of arms travel danger, decided develop a plan outspreadly amain.

On September 19, ceremonially of 1 million celebration is produced in east wind day, east wind day produces Ren Yong of vise general manager to announce, march toward quickly " Chinese car the first group " , to 2011 ~ 2012, east wind day produces year of sales volume to will go to 500 thousand by 300 thousand present promotion. Meanwhile, in the extend that east wind day produces site of engine plant, product line, sale to all throw insecurity.

Chinese market is carried fast while, day is produced in Japanese mainland experience of market car business glides continuously, add European market and crisis of banking of experience of North America market to bring about the market to become cold. Develop of the rising market to be a delegate with Chinese market further, become day to produce a car town of car of antagonism whole world is small confused the largest stake.

Quicken dilate

1 million celebration that in Guangzhou the flower holds and new generation surprise fine horse

Ren Yong is right " daily of the first finance and economics " express, because the high speed of Chinese car economy develops, home still is in high speed to grow to car demand period. "Although Chinese car city gets since this year the influence of a lot of element, but so far, east wind day produces the manufacturer that remains a few a few to maintain faster amplitude, 340 thousand sales that we plan this year plan to be able to be finished smoothly for certain. 340 thousand sales that we plan this year plan to be able to be finished smoothly for certain..

Although to prospective car city anticipate do not value generally, but east wind day is produced still made an ambitious new Five-Year Plan. Specific content includes: To 2011 ~ 2012, east wind day produces year of sale to will exceed 500 thousand; Future guides in 5 years the new car of 7 above, the key makes 3 year of star product that sales volume controls 100 thousand times; Engine is produced can arrive 2010 360 thousand from now / year extend goes to 480 thousand / year; Sale site amount goes to 620 of 2010 by 457 present augment.

Car city shows little some this year low fan, in element of economy of paroxysmal natural disaster, many sided adverse wait for an influence to fall, the car consumes atrophy of month by month. The domestic car that according to China the meeting that multiply couplet will release in September sells statistical data, the whole nation will take the sale that use a car in August four hundred and thirty-four thousand two hundred, than July annulus comparing glided 6.0% . This is this year since car sales volume is successive annulus of the 5th month grows than losing, compared to the same period sales volume will glide last year in August 5.4% . In other month, only month sales volume compared to the same period last year although grow somewhat, but growth rate is already apparent under last year level of the corresponding period. The market is so small fan, east wind day is produced why to choose dilate of such high speed even, how should answer again low confused car city?
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